Walkers and wheelchairs are very common; these are being used from many generations and also will be same in further future also. The model of walker is not changed but many more features are added to it. People love using these walkers who are in need of them as they give much more comfort for them even while travelling and also in many other situations. These walkers require many accessories which are used for various purposes. All these will be available in nearest medical store from your place. But there are many online sites also where all these are made available and one of such a site which is very much famous and useful for all such stuff is https://certhealth.com/collections/bathroom-1 .

There are many accessories which are very much required for the patients who are using them. Every person might have different problem and addition of these accessories to the walker or wheel chair will give them more comfort and everyone will feel great using them. Some of such accessories are mentioned here https://certhealth.com/collections/bathroom-1.:-

Wheelchair Strap Seat Belt Auto Style w/ Metal Buckle:-

  • This seatbelt is up to about 48” long and will go perfectly for different sizes of people.
  • The buckle is made of metal and so this makes sure that the patients is safe while using this wheel chair.
  • This seat belt makes sure that, people feel comfortable and doesn’t lose their control over the wheel chair.
  • This will easily attach to most of the smart watches as it uses existing screws on the backside of any wheel chair.

Wheelchair Armrest Pad Vinyl 10″:-

  • This set of arm set pads will go perfectly fine with any wheel chair. These will give more comfort for people and make them feel very convenient sitting on the chair.
  • These two sets of arm sets are made of vinyl and are of desk length.
  • The size of these arm sets is around 10” and has grey base.

Wheelchair Elevating Leg rests replacement:-

  • One pair is made available and these pads are made of vinyl and also come with padded.
  • These are perfectly compatible for health line trading, driving and also wheel chair brands and for Invacare too.


  • Anti-tippers with wheels are made available and these can be connected to any walker and it makes the movement very much easy when compared to walker with no wheels.

Oxygen Holder for Wheelchair:-

  • This product has very much limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is directly guaranteed by the original manufacturer.
  • This will help in holding the oxygen tank if that particular patient needs it. Oxygen tanks of size D and E can be used and will go perfectly fine with this holder.
  • This can be easily attached and also can be detached to any kind of wheelchair.
  • This holder is made of chrome plated steel and is very much durable.
  • This item is perfectly compatible for wheelchairs which are standard, light weight and also which are heavy duty chairs.