Meditech Dianabol is the popular steroid brand and the active substance is Methandienone. The tablets are usually sold in 10 mg and are widely considered to be the most commonly used steroid for both amateurs and professionals. It is also considered the most common steroid that is orally administered for non-medical use.

Meditech Dianabol Review

Meditech Dianabol was not the first brand of Methandienone. This type of steroid was initially discovered and synthesized during the 1930s, and was used to treat several medical conditions. Methandienone was a synthetic anabolic drug that was derived from testosterone. Medi Tech Dianabol 10 mg are not pretty common in use, but the initial invented was first synthesized in 1956 in Basel and marketed as Dianabol by CIBA. However, after the start in 1958, they had to withdraw selling the drug by 1983 as it was seen to give significant risks. The compounds are still produced in the market outside USA and UK by the labs as Dianabol and have other names like D-bol.

How Does Dianabol Work?

The compound works similarly to that of what testosterone does. It builds up organs and tissues by improving the proteins within the cells and especially in the skeletal muscles. The drug also has an effect of retaining nitrogen in muscles and that works to maintain muscle tissues. The AAS use reduces muscle recovery time, and it is believed to be resulting of blocking effects of Cortisol – the stress hormone on muscle tissue.

The number of fat storage cells might be affected by AAS use, enhancing leanness effects on body mass. The standard Dianabol doses will vary greatly on the desired final result and experience of the user. The results might be notable on dosages of 15 mg per day.

In general, the dosage of 20-25 mg per day is generally used. The dosages might be added to around 35 mg per day, but as the levels increase the negativity of the effects get tougher to manage. The daily dose of 50 mg is quite a big amount and it might not be used as an experienced steroid user.

You are recommended to take a daily dose of Dianabol and then let it peak during the training window. It will take around 3-5 hours to reach the half-life of Dianabol and some users tend to split their dosages into 2-3 doses every day. This helps them maintain the peak blood level. However, other people take it all the time to get a higher peak level and to maximize the effect during training.

Dianabol is commonly used off-season to start with a mass gaining cycle. The use might be preferred during the mid-cycle for boosting the gains, when the results have settled into a plateau. Generally, this will only be used once in the cycle and last for 8 to 12 weeks. Buy your Medi Tech Dianabol 10 mg pills and start off with the right dosages for the proper strength gains.