There are many who may be suffering from various types of back conditions, which includes radiculopathy, sciatica, lumbar disc herniations, annular tears, etc. These medical conditions can be treated with the latest procedure that is fast becoming across the globe, termed as “Laser spine surgery”. Being a minimal invasive procedure, it is quite popular with patients, especially those who are eager to get quick relief from pain and faster recovery. For conducting this procedure, local anesthetic is only required. Thus, this procedure is quite different from the other back surgery types. It is important for the patient to discuss with the physician to know if they qualify for this form of surgical treatment or not.

Tips to prepare for the surgery

The tips when carefully and properly followed can help with the recovery and also ensure that the patient goes for the surgery having peace of mind and satisfaction.

  • It is necessary to prepare a detailed list related to the questions to be asked to the best doctor for spine in India and anxieties faced. There are some risks associated with the surgical process, which should be understood properly. Discussing with the physician will help to understand how the associated risks can be avoided and the surgical process be made a sure hit. It is also important to know what the qualified medical team would do for minimizing the risks and to make the patient to be fully reassured.
  • Some of the issues to discuss with the specialist include infection risk, surgery duration, what is to be expected during the surgical process along with other topics of great concern.
  • The next tip is to know about the recovery time that it will take post surgery. The person should also know how much time it will take for his life to retain normalcy after returning from hospital. Patients are seen to take around 6 weeks or even less to recover fully. It is essential to know as it will affect the person’s work, physical and social activities tremendously.

  • It is also necessary to have proper, detailed information with regards to what is to be done and avoided before and after the surgery.
  • The best spine doctors in India are likely to ask the patients to make some lifestyle changes before and after the surgery. Even though laser spine surgery can be considered to be a short procedure using local anesthetic, hospital stay is not required. The surgeon will recommend what to drink and eat and avoid before and after the surgery. Food is not to be consumed immediately after the surgery for some time.
  • After undergoing the surgery, it is necessary to prepare transportation to reach the home and someone responsible should accompany along. Although the results offered by this surgical process is quick, the patient is not recommended to drive immediately after the undergoing the surgery.
  • Pain medication will be required to be taken to reduce pain and help speed up recovery.

In short, the above tips can help the patient to be in good health and enjoy having a successful spinal surgery.