Steroids are hormone inducing chemical compounds manufactured by medical companies for treating various kinds of illness. These are the legal form of use of the steroids which are available only through a prescription from a physician. There are other types of use for steroids with bodybuilders and athletes for certain functions. Athletes use steroids for enhancing their performance like increasing the speed, endurance for long distance running, etc. Bodybuilders use steroids for what is called as Mass Bulking, Cutting and Lean Mass Bulking cycles. Each of these cycles has a specific role in increasing the weight, decreasing the fat and combining the bulking with cutting.

Bodybuilding Cycles

Typically, a bodybuilder needs a muscular body and physique to become one. Along with this one has to work out in a gym for long hours. If they are lucky enough with their hard-working sessions, then one can truly join competitions and go on to win a title. However, if someone who is lacking these qualities can also become a bodybuilder by the help of steroids. In the mass bulking stage, one takes steroids to increase their body weight so it gives them a platform to start building. In the cutting cycle, the excess body fat is trimmed and used so that the muscles become more prominent and not obscured by fat. The third cycle may or may not be needed in which both the already bulked muscle is now made lean muscle with the help of steroids. Whether these steroids are working and how effective it is with an individual can only be known by using them as the results vary from one user to another based on their dosage and usage.

Cutting with Winstrol

Cutting is the 2nd important cycle in a bodybuilder in which excess fat needs to be trimmed and ridden out of the body. It is important to note that cutting should not be confused with weight loss as both are of different nature. If one takes Winstrol, it produces more Stanozolol in the body. This is an Androgenic Anabolic Steroid used in patients with anemia and the hereditary form of angioedema. However, they are known to increase the red blood cells and cell growth too. Prominently, it metabolizes the adipose tissue or fat thereby creating lean mass muscle in a bodybuilder.

Safety and Side Effects

Taking a single steroid during the cutting cycle may or may not prove effective as the results are based on individual levels. There is no proven formula just guesswork and experience from other users. In the case of Winstrol, if it is used with other steroids like Anavar. If one really relies on a Winstrol only cycle, then the dosage should be modified accordingly. Women should never exceed a 10mg limit per day as they may develop male characteristics like hair growth and adeeper voice. Men can take 50mg per day for 8 weeks. However, how effective it is with each individual differs from person to person and depends on the diet and physical workouts doneby each. These drugs are also prone to give side effects and one should consider consulting a physician in case of need.