Screening is a medical way to determine if there are possible cancer cells in your body. The early you take screening the better it is. You can save your life by early treatment and medication. Its significant role is to decrease the number of people who die from cancer and reducing the number of people who spread the illness.

In Singapore cancer screening, they offers two type of screening, the main cancer screening and genetic screening for cancer. There are types of inherited cancers such as bowel cancer, kidney, breast, ovarian, pancreatic, thyroid cancer, womb cancer, melanoma and retinoblastoma. Hereditary cancers are always connected with a specific gene called BRCA1 or BRCA2, giving the way to expand throughout the body.

An early screening can be a possible prevention to cancer.  A genetic type of cancer need a regular screenings to assure that there no possible cancer cells or treating cancer at earliest time. Result may still varies, it can be positive or negative but still a early detection can save a life.

The Procedure

In Singapore cancer screening, the procedure differs from each medical and family history and the capability of patients to pay. As preparation, the patient need to undergo a minimum of 8 hours of fasting. When the schedule for screening is confirmed, the night before the appointment you should stop eating by 12 midnights and just drink water only when needed.

Singapore cancer screening

It takes 4 hours to completely perform the test. Aside from other test, there are certain test wherein it requires more preparation like colonoscopy, in that case it will be done in the other day.

Possible Risk of Cancer Screening

There are also risks when you undergo screening. Patient can experience overdiagnosis which leads to painful and stressful treatment even they don’t need it. There are instances that there are developing unknown cells that are not harmful to your body. There are also false alarms, a screening test would say positive but in the reality you’re not ill. Some doctor would recommend another series of test which is not necessary leading to overdiagnosis.


Cancer is a serious type of illness, it undergoes in a expensive treatment but in the end it will lead to death. One in a group of three in Singapore suffers from cancer. There are some old stories saying that there are certain people who have cancer cells since birth, it just waiting for a right time to develop. In accordance to that, there is no scientific bases to that and there is no one born with cancer cells.

Through high-technology, Singapore cancer screening develops innovative device to detect the possible cancer cells. It can be a early prevention to cure cancer. Onced when a patient diagnosed having cancer, they will introduce a proper medication relying on what kind and stage of cancer.