These days may be due to stressed lives and unhealthy body weights; one faces a lot of physical problems. Once the mobility of a human being is harmed due to pain and other problems, one thinks of going for a surgery.

joint and muscle pains

But surgery is not the primary option for joint and muscle pains. When one gets affected with these kinds of pains, they need to see a doctor first. There are best orthopaedic doctors in India who can help an individual by treating their physical pains with a lot of care. One needs to try other remedies first. If they do not work, then surgery is the last option to eradicate pain.

In fact most of the orthopaedic surgeons will not want their patients to rush into a surgery at the very first go. When a patient comes to them with shoulder pains, aching backs and hip problems, the first thing that the doctors do is to apply medication on them and try to better the situation. They go for counter pain medications and prescribe the patients some supplements like glucosamine and also some physical therapy which might provide them relief.

But if these things do not provide any relief or minimise the pain then he doctors also consider some steroid injections which when inserted can provide relief to the affected joints. But in most cases, these injections do not have any lasting benefits. But yes, sometimes then do help the inflammation to reduce and the body might go for a natural healing process. Many surgeons also inject some gel like substance to some painful joints like knees. These are pain reducing drugs which soothes and lubricates the joints to make them healthy again. But these also can provide temporary relief and eventually the patient suffering from pain might have to go for the replacement surgery.

But primarily what the doctors suggest is some x ray of the affected joints from where they can have a clear understanding of the problem. Sometimes they also prescribe MRI so that it becomes easier for them to give a proper treatment and medicines. But if the situation is not controllable then one has to go for surgeries.

Once the surgery is done, the patient also needs some post surgery recovery treatments. This is very crucial because when the surgery is done, one needs to follow what the surgeons ask them to follow afterwards. When there is a joint replacement, then there is some need of physical therapy so that the healing process becomes enhanced.

After the surgery is done, being in proper health and having strong bones is very necessary. So, one need to do some regular exercise and eat healthy food in order to stay in shape. If these are followed on a regular basis then one can be cured within a few months.

Orthopaedic doctor in India always helps the patient to get the right treatment. They provide them with proper medication and regulations so that they can get rid of the pain easily.