Whenever your heavy vehicle is in trouble and needs urgent fixation, your job will become if you have taken the wise step to make use of the services provided by the insurance companies. In any case, if you have not taken the help of any of the insurance companies before, then your state of affairs will become much worse when you will have to shed a lot of money to pay for the fixations. You will either have to borrow money from the money lenders and later keep struggling later to pay the money back which comes along with a high rate of interest. Instead of this mess and confusion, it is advisable for you to use the services rendered by the insurance companies.

The insurance companies have this scheme which is known as the HGV insurance ( Heavy goods vehicles Insurance ) which helps you at the time when you need help from them at the time of any kind of accident or something of that sort. But, you should be careful enough while choosing your insurance plans. There are a wide range of plans that you might get confused by all of them and might end up taking up the wrong services that are provided by the insurance companies.

HGV insurance

Therefore, in order to avoid all that mess and confusion for you, here is an insight on what is considered under the HGV insurance plan:

  • This particular type of insurance plan is only applicable for heavy duty vehicles whose gross vehicle weight is above 3.5 tonnes. Any kind of vehicle, which may be termed as a heavy duty vehicle in the market but does not actually weigh over 3.5 tonnes may be rejected from being called as a heavy duty vehicle by the insurance companies.
  • The biggest catch in this above stated point is that, the limiting weight of the 3.5 tonnes can include passengers, cargo and fuel. Therefore, one should be really careful when applying for the insurance plans.
  • The driver who is driving these kinds of heavy duty vehicles must definitely make sure that he possess a category C- type license otherwise of which he will have to face serious consequences.
  • Generally, a Heavy duty vehicle can include these following types of vehicles:
    low loaders

          Removal vans

         Cement mixtures

         bulk carriers and so on of this sort vehicles.

You should be very careful when you are applying for any insurance plan because it may so happen that you will assume your vehicle will fall into the Heavy goods category but turns out that you are wrong and you cannot apply for insurance in this category.