Sunway Hotel is a Hotel like none other. The services here are of the highest quality and designed to meet the needs of the client perfectly.  Do you need to book function venues in Perai Penang but you are at your wit’s end about where to turn? No need to fret; give them a visit to the Sunway Hotel, and you will find a meeting or function room that will fit your needs perfectly.  The event centers they have here vary in sizes so that various categories of guests can find something that perfectly befits their needs.

They have up to six function rooms here, and you can opt for any of them that suits your need.  The six function rooms are named after some precious wood resources in Malaysia as follows:

  • Terrace
  • Nyatoh
  • Semangkok
  • Balau
  • Merbau
  • Ramin

The sizes of the rooms range from 42 to 192 square meters.  Consequently, there is always something for everyone here. They have adequate space to accommodate a small and large number of participants in your functions, events or meetings, which is why you should visit Sunway Hotel when looking function venues in Perai Penang.

Also, you can rent any of the studio function rooms here so that you can add something unique and extra to your meetings and functions. The Studio function rooms are located at Level A1 and accessible to all categories of clients that need such rooms for conferences and events of any kind.

Also, the participants at the meetings will have access to the coffee break area where they can connect to other participants and also build a network for future opportunities and engage in healthy discussions to wine down after hours of meetings. The shared coffee break area is located just outside the function rooms.

Facilities available

The state-of-the-art equipment available at the function rooms in Sunway Hotel makes it the perfect place to visit when searching for function venues in Perai Penang.

Each of the function rooms is equipped with the items mentioned below and more:

  • Screen, projector, and computer
  • Glare-proof tables and ergonomic chairs
  • Tack-able wall surfaces and whiteboards
  • Flip chart easel with markers and pad
  • Notebook and pens for each participant provided free by the hotel
  • A table for the facilitator of the function or meeting
  • Free Wi-Fi access to all participants. Bear in mind that every lodger in the hotel equally has access to the free Wi-Fi access. The Wi-Fi access is similarly available in every corner of the hotel, including the car park area.
  • Office supply kit for all participants
  • The lighting in each of the rooms is easy to adjust so that they can fit the particular situation prevailing in the room.
  • Coat closet accessible to each participant at the meeting or event.

Also, you will have access to on-site technical support so that you can get any issue resolved during the meeting. The professional support staff members are well-trained and always approach the participants at your meeting courteously, which is one more reason to patronize Sunway Hotel when searching for function venues in Perai Penang.