There is the option of the Canada online visitor visa. For the reason you need to make an online application. The application is reviewed and completed and along with the same you have to submit the necessary documents. It is important for the form to be completed, because an incomplete application will not be accepted. This will cancel things and delay the processing of the form. In case, things are not right the form will be returned to you. On the completion of the application you would be asked to go through a medical examination. This is needed in order to prove that you are in the best of health.

Doing the Needful

There are certain things to follow once you apply for the immigration Canada visitor visa. Along with the main application you have to submit the police certificate. This is to ensure that you are not involved in anything illegal. After this you have to appear for the interview where you would be asked several questions regarding your stability and reasons for applying for the Canadian visa. In case you have to go through the above mentioned steps you would be informed in advance. This will help you know how to get the visa at the right time.

Time and Documents Needed

The time taken for processing the visa is few weeks or even less. However, the required time span will depend on the visa office. They will tell you in case you have to complete certain extra steps. After the application is processed you would be handed over the original documents and the prerequisites. You also get in hand your passport with the rest of the essentials. In case something is not right you will not get the original bank statements. In case the application gets approved the visa will be stamped on the passport.

More about Entering Canada

In case the application for the Canada online visitor visa does not get accepted you will get an explanation on the same. However, you need to contact the Canadian visa office in case there is a change in address or telephone number. Having the visa in hand does not mean that you can enter Canada. Once you arrive at the place the border service officer will be there to meet you. He will check with your passport and the additional travelling documents. In case your given information is false or incomplete you will not get the Canadian entry.

Interaction with the Border Officer

There are more things to follow in case of immigration Canada visitor visa. It is your responsibility to convince the border officer that you have the eligibility to enter Canada. You even have to tell the officer that once your purpose is over you will leave Canada before the expiry of the visa. In case of children less than 18 years of age apt and essential documents have to be produced and the same is also needed in case of the adults. In case of minor children they will have to present with the details in case they are travelling with someone else.