Taking up hand lettering as a professional career may sound little unrealistic because it is not yet that widespread but in the designing community, hand lettering is a viable career that may are pursuing. If you are aspiring to become a graphic designer, you will be confused which skills should you learn and channelize your energy into. The graphic designing world has various branches and it is most profitable to choose the one where the competition is less and the possibilities are limitless. Before you take up the booming branch of lettering, you should look up to some of the popular hand lettering artists who have done wonders with their lettering designs.

Top Hand Lettering Artists To Get Inspired –

The following are just a few top hand lettering artists to give you an idea of the endless possibilities that hand lettering holds for aspiring designers.

Mary Kate McDevitt

She is one of the popular hand lettering artists from New York and some of her clients include Penguin Books, Nike, AT&T, Wall Street Journal and various such popular companies, brands and agencies. She holds a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration and she is happy that she got to do what she always wanted to do from her school days which is using her creativity to create lettering the world will be impressed with.

Tom Lane

He is a freelancer lettering artists who made it big in life from scratch. He recommends designers who are struggling to get works to get into hand lettering branch. There is enormous demand for quality hand lettering artists who have the skill and the creativity to produce outstanding lettering designs. Some of his clients include Coca-Cola, Sony, BMW, Mercedes and he is from the UK.

Sean McCabe

Started as a freelancer and now owns a store, McCabe thrived on his passion for lettering and typography. His posters are one of the bestsellers in the world and he sells them from his online stores and e-commerce platforms. He also wrote a book to provide tutorials for upcoming and aspiring designers who are fascinated by typography and lettering.

Darren Booth

He is considered to bring a revolution in the lettering world by creating 3D lettering designers and expanding the applications. He has won many awarded for paving the path for upcoming talents and he is from Canada.

It does not matter where you are from, you can also acquire skills online, start as a freelancer and make it big in a very short time.