How To DIY your Nail Painting Like A Salon!

Did you ever feel that you are just wasting money at the manicurist? Well, you are not alone, there are a lot of people who feel that way. Fortunately, there are ways where you can do it yourself and still get that professionally done look. It is just a matter of getting the right materials and using the proper tried and true techniques to achieve those clean and swooping manicures that you want for free! Read on below to know these tips for those perfect nails don right at home every time.

Do NOT cut your Cuticles

This is, unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes done when doing your nails the DIY style. Cuticles are simply not meant to be cut but rather just needs to be pushed up into that curved shape that’s just right for painting. Cutting them will just make them grow back into the frayed growth that grows really fast and unsightly. Not only that but it can also lead to bacterial and fungal infections. They are meant to be there as protection.


Invest In High-Quality Nail Polish Items

Now that we got the cuticle cutting out of the way, we focus on the paint to be used. Make sure you buy your Manicuras in reputable shops, whether online or brick and mortar shops. Make sure that you use them for their intended purposes, such as topcoats for coating color, and base coats for making sure that the nails have enough surface adhesion so that the paint will stick to it more evenly. Buying good quality Paint will not only look better but also safe on your hands as well. Not only that but high-quality colors will usually have the most in demand and popular color style available.

The Application

Apply the color using the three stripe method where you first dab a drop of paint at the bottom of your finger and then using three stripes from the dab of paint going outwards to the tips of your fingernails. The first stripe will involve dropping your brush in the middle of the drop of paint then dragging it towards the tip in a straight line, The second one involves dabbing it again on the drop but follows the curve of the fingernail to the left. The third stripe is a repeat of the second but is now situated on the right side of the nail. Apply the coats sparingly to avoid having gooey paint.

Drying Time

Make your newly paint fingernails dry faster by dipping or running them under cold water. You can tap them together to see if the tackiness is gone before applying any second coating.

Final Word

These tips are in no way the comprehensive list. However, doing just one of these tips will get you that much closer to getting those perfect nails done at no cost at all.