JEE 2019 is just around the corner and the things that you do in the last minute before the exams will be crucial for your success. Besides your preparation, is not just about the two long years but it also comes down to what you accomplish in the last few days. You should realize that these last days are quite important from an exam perspective. More significantly, the level of your preparation along with your mindset during these final moments will greatly determine your performance in the main exam.

Having said that, JEE is one of the most prestigious entrance exams and it is the gateway to some of the best technology and engineering institutes in India. Therefore, you should handle yourself properly, remain calm, be confident and you could also adopt some last minute study hacks to help you have a smooth sail. To make things easier for you and make studying less complicated, we have listed a few last minute study hacks which you can follow, ensuring that you secure flying colours in the exam. Let’s check them out below.

Focus On The Formulas, Theorem and Reactions

Keep a close track of all the important formulas, theorems and the reactions. Make flashcards or keep a separate notebook for all these so you can easily refer and revise the topics. Also, have a conceptual approach to studying for both JEE Main or JEE Advanced exams.

Clear Your Doubts

If you have any doubts regarding any topic or concept it is always good to clear your doubt at the earliest. Approach your teachers, mentors or even your friend to get a clearer understanding of things.

Don’t Overwork

Try to avoid burning the midnight oil, instead get some good amount of rest and sleep. Start studying early in the morning with a fresh mindset.

Revisions Are Important

Revisions are an important study-exercise that will enable you to remember the topics that you have studied earlier. Give enough time for revisions of each subject or topics. Remember that this is not the time to be learning new concepts or ideas.

Take Mock Test

You should make it a point to solve several mock test papers either for JEE Advanced or Main. You will be able to test your preparation level, and at the same time, gain valuable insights into the exam pattern, types of questions, marking scheme and the duration of the exam. Taking these tests will also help you gain higher confidence and be well prepared to tackle the exam.

Have a Positive Attitude

Always have a positive mindset during the exams and believe in your abilities to crack the exam. Be calm and remove any stress. You can take some time off from studying and do something that you like, for example, you can take a walk, listen to music, do some exercise or play a game, anything that will help you de-stress.

Be In Good Health

One of the key factors for you to study and perform well in the exams is your health. Take good care of your health wherein you should exercise regularly and eat healthy foods.

These study hacks should definitely help you prepare well and make the most during the exams.

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