There are any types of scans that the doctors advise to the patients as per needs. PET CT scan is one of the most important type of scan then the doctors may advise the patient. This is an easy scan that can be done to get the inner image. This will be done by professionals. You can get this done at the nearby imaging centre at the most reasonable rates. The doctors will tell you all the details of the scan before you get one done. You need to talk to the doctors and the doctor will tell you to get some x rays or the test done. After analysing the reports, the doctors will tell you more about the test that has to be done.

What is PET CT brain scan?

Before you get this scan done, you need to first understand what is this all about. PET means Positron emission tomography. It is a computer tomography and a medical technique of imaging that is done by making use of a device which is a great blend of a scanner and single gantry system. The images generated from both the devices can also be further combined into a co-registered image. The functional image that is acquired by PET, which outlines the distribution of biochemical or metabolic body functions can be clearly identified with anatomic imaging acquired by the CT scan. Two- and three-dimensional image reformation may be considered as a function of a normal software and regulation system. If the doctor has advised, you to get tis scan done then you need to get this done at the nearby center. If you are a resident of Bangalore, then you can go for the pet CT brain scan Bangalore. This will be done by the expert professionals and hence you can get this done for your better health.

The scan done using the recent technology

A PET CT scan makes use of the radiation or nuclear imaging medicine to manufacture 3-dimensional color image of the human body functions and other related processes. The machine tracks down the gamma rays’ pair which come directly with help of a tracer that is present in a human body in form of molecule. The images are formed after making the functional computer analysis. As far as the modern machinery is concerned, these machines make use of CT X-ray scan which is experimented on the patient parallelly. The technology of PET scans is used for the diagnosis of a health conditions and for keeping a check on the existing condition. PET scans are generally used to know how effective a current treatment is. This technology is very useful in case of detection of the cancer and some heart diseases. If you are staying in Bangalore, then you can go for the pet CT brain scan in Bangalore. Jut get this done and this is the easy way. You can get this done at the nearby centre. Get this done and be sure.

 How to get ready for this scan

If your doctor has recommended you this scan, then you can go for this. You need to follow the instructions in the right manner. The scan will make sue of the small material that will be well known as the radiotracers. There will also be a special camera and there will be a computer that will help to chance the organ and the tissues related. This will also check the function of the tissues. The machine will check the changes that take place in the body at the cells level and the pet scan will also check the early set of the disease. If there is a chance that you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding your baby, then you need to let your doctor know about the same. The doctor may tell you similar test or any other alternative. If you recently have had any illness or if there are any metal implants in the body, then you need to tell the doctors about the same and the doctors will guide you in the right manner.

Let the doctors know about some details

If you are currently under any kind of medication or if you have any types of allergies, then you need to tell that to the doctor. You need not eat anything or even drink water a few hours before the scan. If you have had anything then you need to tell that to the doctor. You will need to wear any comfortable cotton clothes while the scan is going on. You need not wear any golden ornaments when the scan is taking place. There will be a huge voice and hence you will need to wear the ear plugs for that.

More details about this scan, you need to now them all

This is a kind of scan that will measure the major body functions using recent technology. The blood flow or other functions will be checked through this scan. Even the metabolism will be checked through this. The doctors may come to know how well the organs are functioning. The tissue functions will also be analyzed in this manner. This will be done using a different x ray equipment and there will also be some other devices that can be used with this. Alost there will be generation of multiple images with the help of these advanced machines. There will be a radiologist who will interpret the images on a computer and the information will be in detail. There are some combination scanners using which these scans are done these days. These are a good combination of the PT and CT scanner. This will give a clear picture of the functions and activities inside the body. These combined scans are more accurate that the regular x rays. Go for this scan and you will get a clear image of the inner side of the body. Just get this done and have a good time.