self storage in Singapore

One of the best way to house belongings to free up some space or during a period of transition is to do self-storage. However, doing it right is only a part of the battle. Here are some tips for you to ensure that you optimize your storage options and keeping your items safe.

Packing A Unit

  • Do Label Your Containers. Using self-storage means that you don’t have any plans of using the items that you placed in the box for storing. Though you may think that you remember all the stuff that you packed, you might end up surprised that you forgot where you place it once you seal and wrap them. Labeling the boxes can help you with the unpacking and beneficial if ever you need to come in and grab something that you may suddenly need.
  • Don’t store anything valuable. A general rule that you should follow is that you probably shouldn’t put it in a storage unit if you can’t afford of losing it. Majority of the time is that your items are safe and okay but, there’s a small percentage that the stuff may get lost or damaged. You can find an alternative way to keep them that you don’t want to take any chances, to be safe.

Choosing a Unit

  • Do pick a reliable storage facility. When you store an item means you are placing your trust in another party to keep them safe and take care of your things. It is essential that you choose a company with a good track record of reliability regardless if you are not planning to store any valuable. It’ll help if you :
    • Read reviews of past customers
    • Don’t choose to stow your items just because the company is offering you lower rates
    • Research a good storage company or ask your friends or family for referrals
  • Don’t search at the last minute. Here are some key aspects that you should base on the storage unit that you choose: the price, size, and convenience level that makes the most sense considering your situation. To ensure that you meet the conditions, you can start your search early to have a plan rather than rushing to decide.
  • Do take an inventory of what you store. Making a list is helpful because of two reasons:
    • It helps you in determining the unit size that you’ll most likely need
    • It helps you to stay organized once all of the items are in there.

A general overview is okay, not necessarily detailed.

self storage in Singapore

General Advice for Self-Storage

  • Don’t Share Access Code or Your Key. Use your best judgment if you have any plans of sharing your code or key. The items inside the storage unit have much value for people with ill intentions. It will help if you don’t let anyone in unless it’s a person that you truly trust.
  • Do buy a secure lock. Be smart when you lock your unit. If the storage company requires you to bring your lock, make sure that you get one that’s not easily tampered. Spending a little extra for a sturdy lock is one way in keeping your belongings safe.


Being smart when it comes to storing your items can put your mind at ease. There are many choices of storage in Singapore, and choosing the best one can be tricky. Following these steps can make you look like a pro when it comes to self-storage. It can help you maintain your items in mint condition. In the end, you’ll be glad that you took the time to read and follow these tips.