hummer limousines for wedding

Hurray, your best friend is getting married! Sending her off to marriage involves hosting a hen party. If you organised a hen party before, you already know what to do. It will be a success no doubt. However, if you have no prior experience organising, the process can be stressful.

One of the most stressful parts is finding transportation. Fortunately, there is a way that can completely remove the stress when it comes to arranging the transportation for the hen night – Stretch Hummer Limo Hire. Here’s why it is a good idea to hire a limo for the hen night:

It is cheaper than you think
Whether it is hen night or hummer limousines for weddings, hiring one might be cheaper than you think. Your first thought is limos are expensive. With this, you are discouraged and just plan for an ordinary night. It is time that you change this perspective because limos might be cheaper than you think.

When you take a closer look, hiring a limo is actually cheaper getting around compared to using a taxi or public transport. The taxi can only carry a maximum of 4 people. Public transport can carry a large group but the fare will get more expensive. In the case of limos, it can carry up to 16 people. This is practical transportation if you are considering a big crowd. You can even split the cost among the group to save more money.

hummer limousines for wedding

Better Entertainment while traveling

If you consider a taxi or even a minibus, traveling can be boring. By choosing a limo, you will not worry about guests being bored while traveling. The biggest selling point of limos is entertainment while traveling. When you are traveling from one location to another, the group will still be hyped up.

This is because the limo provides a wide range of entertainment options for the whole group. Most limos are fitted with strobe lights, televisions and DVD/CD player. There are also plenty of drinks available. You just decide how you want to be entertained.

Offers great convenience

Aside from the cost and the entertainment, hiring a limo also means great convenience. If you consider a taxi, you have to call the company to arrange for someone to pick you up. Public transport is not reliable for parties like these. When you hire a limo service, you will not worry because the driver will be outside waiting for you.

You can surprise the bride-to-be by picking her up. If you have many locations to visit, hiring a limo is a practical choice. You will not worry about the driver and even the parking space because they will take care of every aspect.


Remember that if the party is not planned properly, it can smear your best friend’s experience and the people around. To ensure a good experience, you should start with transportation. Choosing the right limo service is another matter.

When choosing, make sure to read reviews so it will give you ideas of the quality of service the company provides. It is prudent to look locally because they can provide a reliable and personable service.