Bhrigu Lake Trek

Have you ever been mesmerized by pictures of Switzerland or other such European country? The snow covered mountains, green slopes, blue skies and the beautiful weather sound amazing, right? But we all know a trip to those countries can burn a hole in our pockets. Only if there was such an alternative in our own country. Well, fret not because there is.

Bhrigu Lake Trek is touted for its high altitude alpine meadows which can be reached with way less trekking than other treks in India. It is a weekend trek which hardly takes three days. The meadows are found on the first day itself.

Bhrigu Lake is named after Sage Bhrigu, who was one of the first seven sages, also called Saptarshi created by Lord Brahma. Rishi Bhrigu used to meditate at the lake and hence due to his blessings, the lake never completely freezes. The lake is considered very sacred and no one is allowed to touch the water or enter the lake. He is also accredited with writing Bhrigu Samhita, one of the first books of its kind on astrology.

The trek to Bhrigu Lake starts from Kolang on a very easy to miss trail. As you walk through the forests of deodar, silver oak, cedar and birch to reach the campsite of Mori Thach, you come across sheep, wild horses, Himalayan Cobra lilies, wild berries etc. The meadows start before Mori Thach and are used by shepherds as pastures for their sheep.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Flanked by peaks like Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters Peaks, the meadows of Mori Thach are textbook campsites. Surrounded by mountains, deep in the valley, numerous streams flowing through the campsite in a zig-zag manner, wild horses galloping and just minding their own business and with green slopes covered with tiny yellow and white flowers, Mori Thach is the best part of the trek to Bhrigu Lake. Spend the night gazing at the stars, eating delectable food while conversations and stories flow around the campsite.

Wake up next morning to witness the most beautiful sunrise ever and let the golden rays rejuvenate you. After a hearty breakfast, you leave to achieve what you came for. Ascending and descending various ridges, you finally reach the beauty that is the Bhrigu Lake. The deep blue lake awaits you, sprinkled with just the right amount of snow. Spend some time there, soaking in all the beauty, clicking pictures and beaming with pride at your accomplishment.

Trek back to the camp at Mori Thach for the night. Spirits are high as everyone celebrates their feat. Next morning, even though everyone is a little blue about leaving the camp and their new found friends, everyone is content with what they had achieved. Those are the memories that are cherished for a lifetime. As you have read, Bhrigu Lake Trek is a perfect alternative to beauty of Switzerland.