CBD Oil Gummies

Organic CBD:

Organic CBD refers to the products that are grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or genetically modified organisms. These need to be certified by USDA, that is, the United States Department of Agriculture. A USDA certified product would mean that it has been inspected in its growing conditions and is free to be trusted by the consumers.

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CBD products can be grown by keeping these standard conditions in mind:

1. Quality of field:

It should be made sure that the soil is free of any kind of chemicals and pesticides because even their small concentration in the plant can alter the plant compound’s purity. Also, no pesticides should be used during their growth period.

2. Say No to use of synthetic sedatives:

Hemp plants should not be injected with any kind of synthetic additives. The CBD extract should be 100 percent pure and that can only happen when the plant is devoid of any kind of synthetic or artificial touch.

CBD Oil Gummies

Non-Organic CBD:

Nowadays synthetic CBDs are available in the market. Being produced in the form of an ultra-pure crystalline powder, they appear chemically identical to naturally produced ( extracted from the plant) CBD at the molecular level. They are attributed to medicinal and curative qualities.

The only issue that arises using them is they have been processed using synthetic chemistry methods which do not ensure safety. They may be contaminated with impurities which can pose health risks.

Risks associated with intake of non organic CBD:

1. Allergies:

Intake of non-organic products may result in allergic reactions. Due to the presence of several impurities, it is unpredictable to determine which components of a product can harm you severely.

2. Toxin Intake:

If the plant is grown in an environment where pesticides and chemicals are in abundance, there are high chances that plant possesses them and so does the extract. Therefore, if non organic hemp will be used for extraction, the impurities will travel from the site of manufacturing to the site of consumption.

How to make sure that the product is organic?

1. Know the source:

You should always enquire about the source from where the CBD is extracted. Ask for clarification so that you know that the CBD is derived from totally natural ingredients.

2. Process of Manufacturing:

Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP is a strict production process that is carried out on CBD products to ensure quality. So it is always better to get information about the product’s manufacturing and farming process.

3. Third-party laboratory tests:

Anyone who claims that he or she can provide the purest and best blends of CBD should be able to justify himself through third-party lab tests. They should be able to prove that to how much lengths they have gone to provide you with good quality.


It is very crucial to make a distinction between organic and non-organic CBD to stay aware of what is healthy and beneficial for your body. Any product should be ingested only after knowing about its positive and negative effects both.