If you feel a stabbing and excruciating pain in your heels as soon as you wake up, you may be having plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is actually an inflammation of connective tissues called plantar fascia that connects toes to the heels. For those who are sportspersons, they usually suffer from this foot condition. If nothing is done to curb the severe foot ache, there may be more problems. To treat plantar fasciitis, it can take a few months. Immediately see your doctor for a complete checkup if you want to alleviate pain. Well, plantar fasciitis insoles are also the way to reduce pain. Also known as orthotic soles, plantar fasciitis insole cushions the footsteps while reducing the effect the inflamed tissue experiences. So, when there is no impact on the inflamed plantar fascia, you don’t feel the pain.

Treatment options you may be prescribed by the podiatrist

When you make an appointment with a podiatrist, the doctor examines the feet and points out the problem region. A thorough checkup and your past medical history help to diagnose the condition. If you are found with plantar fasciitis, the doctor prescribes therapies to give immediate relief. Again, he prescribes NSAIDs or Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication. These medicines dramatically reduce pain in the feet. If he sees that the pain is unbearable, he administers certain injections. Steroid injections are prescribed and administered after your body fails to react to NSAIDs. A visit to a physiotherapist will help to ease the situation. He will teach you certain exercises to strengthen your leg muscles, plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. All these therapies are coupled with other treatment options including medication, massages, relaxing baths and frequent ultrasonography.

Shock-wave therapy is a popular way to relieve foot ache. With the use of sound waves, the pain is reduced. Shock wave therapy stimulates healing for it increases blood flow towards plantar fascia.

Why should you consider plantar fasciitis insoles?

There are various benefits of considering plantar fasciitis. For the fact plantar fasciitis address multiple foot problems, they are quite popular. You have various options in insoles to treat various foot problems like insoles to address arch pain, for standing, for arthritis pain, for over-pronation, etc. Therefore, you may choose an insole according to your needs. There are insoles for heel pain, Achilles tendinitis also.

Each and every insole is a multipurpose insole to bring about relief from foot pain. They may be used as slippers, jog shoes and running shoes. Besides, the presence of a deep heel cup offers foot cushioning and comfort. The deep heel cup reduces any sort of strain on the legs and feet. No matter what the condition of your feet, insoles help you immediately to reduce the pain.

It is necessary to buy insoles after proper research. Buy an insole which is specifically meant to help the situation.