screen rooms in Fort Smith, AR

It is the mounting and opening / closing system that differs:

the  package windows  are characterized by glass doors that slide individually until they fold up close to the main door (ie the door placed on one side of the sliding window itself); the mechanism can be configured so that all the weight rests on the top of the structure or on the floor. the  folding windows are characterized by hinged doors that create modules and do not require a main side door; the various modules can fold back on themselves and be positioned in any point of the window, even centrally screen enclosures in FortSmith, AR.

The  photo above shows a folding veranda , clearly showing the first difference compared to the previous type, namely the absence of the guides (replaced by tracks or slots embedded in the floor and ceiling). It is a  window without frames , which among its advantages includes:

High soundproofing capacity

Lightness and ease of movement

Opening system on sliding tracks

Side packing system with minimal footprint

Absence of vertical uprights

Doors up to 3.00 m in height

Internal or external opening of the window

Ease of cleaning.

To  choose which of the two is right for us, it is necessary to consider where it will be applied and the advantages and disadvantages of both. In a package window  in which the weight of the doors rests on the upper part, it is necessary to make sure that the structure is able to withstand the load; those whose weight unloads towards the floor can also be used with less resistant structures such as pergolas.

A folding veranda, on the other hand, is mainly used when you need a quick opening / closing or you do not want to have the “constraint” of a main side door, so it is ideal in busy environments (restaurants, bars, public buildings, commercial galleries) or for the closure / division of internal spaces of the house.

Balconies, porches and terraces in the summer are open spaces that can be exploited in many ways: furnished, shaded and enriched with plants and greenery, they ensure maximum comfort. Unfortunately, with the arrival of winter these environments are used less and less and in order not to give up these spaces an excellent solution is to close balconies and porches, building winter gardens and verandas for balconies and terraces.