Street Bollards

We come across bollards everywhere in the streets, by the side of the pavements and in front of the houses. These are the short and vertical posts that are kept outside the buildings and other places so as to serve multiple purposes. The main motive of such structures is to control the traffic and also protect the buildings against unwanted invasion by the vehicles. Also it helps in keeping everything in order in the parking lots or places where large numbers of vehicles are expected on a regular basis. Depending upon the specific purposes being served by the same, there are many different types of street bollards as explained hereunder. Keep reading.

Moveable bollards

Suggested by the name, such type of street bollards can be moved from one place to the other very easily. These bollards are used at such places wherein the position needs to be changed quite frequently to control the traffic or for other reasons. These types of bollards are generally light in weight so that the same may be shifted from one place to the other effortlessly.

Permanent bollards

These are the bollards that remain fixed at one place and hence immovable. Such bollards are permanently fixed to the ground so that these may remain embedded at the same place. Such bollards are manufactured from some strong materials so that these may remain fixed without any issues.

Different Types Of Street Bollards

Bollards with lights on them

Generally, these bollards are used on the roads to make people aware about any turns or other points at night time. The lights on these bollards reflect at night time and hence the vehicles passing by them remain safe. It reduces the frequency of accidents at any place. Since wiring needs to be done in such bollards therefore these are made from materials such as stainless steel or aluminium.

Bollards used for decoration purpose

Indicated by the name, these bollards are used for improving the aesthetic appeal of any place or area. These are used in front of the buildings or sideways so that the entire area may look visually appealing. To match these bollards with the background of the given place or area, these bollards are customized accordingly.

Automated bollards

These bollards operate automatically and are controlled based on the sensors. Such structures are used to control heavy traffic as these bollards rise and retract in and out of the ground robotically. Electronic and hydraulic systems are used to control such bollards so that these may be raised and lowered as per unique needs of the given situation.

This was all about the bollards and their different types. Use of suitable and appropriate types of bollards helps in improving the utility of the same at the given place.