Bambu generates digital wealth control solutions for all the financial institutions that assist their users to invest and save for the coming future. That said, let’s now take a look at bambu in more detail and see what it is all about.

About Bambu

It’s a Fintech firm. They are the Business 2 Business, meaning they only develop the tech for all the financial organizations. As mentioned, their platform assists users to invest and save for the future, thus, they like to think that they are assisting people in some way or the other. The entire plan for them is to go on and make a platform able piece-by-piece, to assist the individuals to manage their money and spending every day. It’s headquartered in SGP (Singapore) with the subsidiary in the UK, the United States of America, and EMEA representatives. It was founded in the year 2016 and is largely owned privately by founders including the employees, they also have got the financial support of one of the leading players in the world of industry in the Franklin Templeton. They also have got clients in each continent barring Antarctica.

Digital Wealth Administrator

Whether one is launching the Robo-advisor for a tool or millennials for their financial advisor, the firm’s intelligent APIs alongside the SaaS platform goes on to deliver the finest experience possible for their users.

Leading the financial institutions across the world have gone on to adopt Bambu’s technology & software, making wealth management simple and digital. A smooth software for the financial advisor, bank, asset manager, and much more. This makes everything possible that wasn’t before.

Why choose bambu?

  • Associated with the Leading Financial Partner

Their partners include the world’s leading financial organizations like Refinitiv, Franklin Templeton, Amazon Web Services, & Apex Clearing.

  • The world-Class Exclusive APIs

It’s powered via a team of skilled engineers alongside the dedicated Artificial Intelligence research team that’s rethinking how wealth management must be done with the cutting edge APIs.

  • Advanced Design

Their designing team is revising the user journey of how investing and saving should be done, subsequently putting a customer first!

  • Starting to build the Robo

From the ready-to-go Robo to a custom-built digital solution, their proprietary software goes on to give advisors of wealth management new plans to hunt success for the clients as they go on to strive to accomplish their goals.

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