hot desk Hong Kong system

Hot desk refers to the system of occupying whatever desk is available at work as no particular desk is allocated to the employees.  The hot desk Hong Kong system has been adapted from the sailors who share the same bunk in different shifts. That was referred to as hot racking so the name goes hot desking.

The advantages of hot desk office space are far too many. It saves redundancy of work space , encourages cross disciplinary collaboration and employee innovation. It is a concept that can be incorporated in both private workspaces and shared ones.

It is as simple as finding a workstation , a plug point and getting started. However there are a few things that are to be taken into consideration when choosing a hot desking workspace. These are a few factors to consider.

Access to phone and power outlets

Usually workspaces have the facility of having phones in a dedicated phone booth or in shared lounges in a shared workspace. Whereas in private workspaces especially in sales all employees are given a dedicated phone. All workstations are provided with power outlets and an internet connection in general.

hot desk Hong Kong system

Meeting Rooms

Most of the workspaces do give access to employees to shared kitchens , conference rooms , lounges etc. This however is upon pre booking. All amenities are provided to make work for employees comfortable and enjoyable.

Other facilities include printers that are usually available at every workplace.

Hot desking has it’s own limitations. Sometimes its trivial but nonetheless it’s important like having a dedicated space to keep personal belongings like coats and bags. Some shared spaces do also provide lockers to their clientele though.

There are times when employees need privacy owing to meetings , conferences or taking personal phone calls. Shared workspaces usually have sound proof cubicles as phone booths for the same.

Hot desks do not suit you as much if your work demands more privacy and the information you are dealing with is sensitive. Some work requires consistency and demand constant attention and changing the seat will result into frustration and loss of productivity.

However the advantages of hot desking far outweigh the disadvantages. If you want to cut costs of the traditional occupancy and hire remote employees to expand your horizons there’s nothing like hot desking. It also gives you exposure to newer opportunities and varied professions. So hot desking is the way to be !