Many people all over the world have now a days got addicted to smoking. Some people like to consume tobacco either by smoking and some people consume tobacco by chewing or sniffing. Tobacco consumed in any form is harmful and injurious to health.As people get addicted to smoking they become a regular consumer of the tobacco.Knowing that cigarette smoking is injurious to health people drink it.However there are people who would like to get rid of this habit but as they are addicted to drinking cigarette it becomes very difficult for them to stop smoking. Hence there are alternative products which they can use and which can be replaced with cigarette. Non tobacco nicotine pouches is one such product.It is a non-tobacco product hence it is fine to consume it.People who are used to having cigarette but who want to quit smoking can choose to have nicotine pouches.It would serve the requirement and also help people getting rid of the smoking habit. We also get non tobacco mint pouches which means there are different favours available. It’s very simple and easy to use this product.This product consists of nicotine which releases chemicals in the brain and effects the persons mood. Nicotine gives energy and makes the person active once its consumed. People who would like to consume the nicotine pouches should place the pouch under the upper lip and keep it in the mouth like a chewing gum until the favours fade away. Since this product is smoke free and spit free people simply have to discharge the pouch. As the material which the pouch is made up of is not consumable the user will have to throw off the pouch after using it. There are few authorised dealers who can sell these pouches. Not all can consume this product. Only people above 21 years are eligible to have this product. However these products are not used for treatment of any disease or for curing any disease or for any type of cure for patience’s.

Let’s see how to use the nicotine pouches:

  • Nicotine pouches are tobacco free,smoke free and spit free.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They are hygienic and clean.
  • These pouches are safe when compared to cigarettes.
  • The user have to keep one pouch under the upper lip and leave it.
  • Users can dispose of the pouch after the flavours get faded.
  • The pouches are white in colour and small which helps the user to use it freely without much complications.


There are non-tobacco nicotine pouches which are being replaced by cigarettes .These are safe and easy to use. People like the different flavours which are available.