The game reflects the same scenario of real time warfare taking the military concepts,technology,strategies, combats which are battles worthiness. It shows the exact picture of the warfare strategy which happens in the real time in real scenario. The gun powder evolution is the base for the development of the game various concepts were included in game using World war concepts of I, II.

Concepts of Warfare:

The Modern Warfare Hacks game is an introduction to total war, mechanized ware fare, industrial ware fare, nuclear warfare,counterinsurgency and the fourth-generation ware fare i.e., asymmetric warfare. The Game has received lots of universal praise by the critics as the game highlights first genre of first-person shooter.

The game play:

It is the first-person shooter concept the first person can be placed in three stance 1. standing,2. crouching and 3. prone position for cover one more virtual person will be assisting with the first shooter.  There are no armors in the game or any kind of health power ups in the combat if the person takes the damage the screen glows red and heart beat increases mostly the character has to save himself by staying away or take cover fire to recover.


The player can take various characters with involvement of plots and overlap the game. The players characters changes with the missions. Each missions have various objectives like head up displays, arriving at specific checkpoints, eliminate enemies at specific locations, explosive installations at enemy sties.  Once the specific task is completed the next level access will be granted.  The main feature is to collect 30 collectable pieces of intel for the award.

Game Engine:

The IW engine is 3.0 with feathers of true world dynamic lightings, high-definition lighting effects,depth of field and dynamicshadowing.Bullet’s penetration is also calculated as per the surface type and thickness of the entity.  Objects which appear in the game are destructible like cars, buildings. Death animations are so high definition as it is combination of rag dol physics and pre set animations which are made for the user to have realistic approaches.   The relationship between enemy position and line of sight is calculated by the near by weapon which includes a code for swapping points. This criterion is maintained todecreases the players to immediately join the match or being spawn-killed. The enemies have an open option to respawn indefinitely during the game play.


Modern war fare is strategic game for first person players who have zeal on online ware fare games which help them to understand the real scenario of war games with enhanced visual glory of war.