B2B Marketing Strategy

Business is broad. If you tackle business, it speaks more about managing, advertising, marketing, and some aspects that brought you into the world of competition. As a business student graduate, what else do you need to master your degree? Would you go into another course related to business? Or you would take courses that train you to master business skills.

PMI-PBA exam prepares you for your business journey and provides study tips to deal with business analysis. Courses offered a unique prospect about the metamorphose of B2B (Business to Business) marketing, which can be opposed to the traditional B2C (Business to Consumers) marketing. Furthermore, some other courses specialize in International Marketing and Cross Industry Growth. It emphasizes how companies are going to expand by cross-industry and cross-country innovation. Taking this course makes the learners obtain these outcomes:

  1. Understand the distinctions between B2C and B2B marketing.
  2. Approach marketing problems (inter-organizational perspectives).
  3. Learn about decision-making.
  4. Innovate B2B marketing through Cross-Industry and Cross Country Innovation approach.
  5. Best practices and gain insights regarding CCCI Innovation through interviews with the top B2B experts.

Define and describe B2B marketing

In B2B marketing, learners obtain a solid and fundamental understanding of the characteristics of B2B marketing. Learners can learn very practical methods to use, proactively market to business to business customers, such as the 4W’s Approach. Learners will also learn about B2B marketing and how it is changing. A graded quiz and practice quiz are conducted weekly for the learners to accustom themselves for a formal examination of the basic B2B marketing knowledge asset.

B2B Marketing Strategy

The B2B marketing mix

 Learners start to dive more deeply into the specific elements of B2B marketing, such as:

  • Product marketing. it is where the customers’ needs are emphasized throughout the total buying process.
  • Price marketing. Given the B2B2C nature of including the price, end-user, costs, as well as the value, can vary depending on the application.
  • Place marketing. It is based on the principle of distribution. It is the key service analysis or functions demanded by the consumer. Learners will understand how and when the total channel is designed by several channel members, including the manufacturer.
  • Promotion marketing. The sequence of communication methods and analogy of the combination used boxing. The marketer can use it for various purposes:
  • Gain attention
  • Stir desire
  • Instill interest
  • Move customers

B2B marketing skills can be sharpened once taking courses here, in which you can receive a certificate.