One of the necessity for human being is to have shelter. They would like to live in a place to protect themselves from rain and sun. Earlier man lived under trees and in caves . Later as people started getting civilized they started inventing things to take care of themselves. They have invented methods to construct houses so that they can stay in it comfortably. People understood the importance of living life comfortably. They have come up with different means to make their life easy.Right from transportation, cooking and shelter people have made use of technology and have made their living easy. People have learnt different ways to earn money and make themselves comfortable by buying accessories. Some people can afford to buy house of their own.Some people may not be able to buy a house for themselves.Hence they may prefer to stay in a rented house. Singapore serviced apartment is also an alternative for people who can’t afford to buy a house. There are different types of apartments in which people can stay. It’s also similar to a rented house. However it is fully furnished. The facilities in an service apartment is very good. People who opt to stay in it can enjoy most of the luxuries and they have to pay a reasonable amount for it. Some people may have a transferable job and hence would not be able to buy the appliances for their home or may not be able to invest on the interiors as they may not be able to shift the furniture from one city to other. Hence such people would usually prefer to stay in a service apartment which has all the facilities. Some people may not stay with their family and hence would look for a place which has all the facilities like housekeeping. If they opt to stay in an apartment then they can simply avail all these facilities without even thinking of the cost as they are very reasonable. Rather than buying all the equipment’s for a house people can simply opt to rent a service apartment and enjoy the benefits.

Lets see the different facilities available:

  • The housekeeping part is done twice a week
  • People can enjoy the benefit of free wifi
  • Most of them have digital televisions
  • They have fully equipped kitchen
  • They have dryer and washer facilities.


People can opt to stay in their own house and if they can’t afford to buy a house they can either rent a house. They can also stay in a serviced apartment which would be fully furnished and have the best facilities available. People who may not want to invest lot of money on interiors and furniture but would like to enjoy the benefits. For such people service apartment would be the best option to rent and stay.