Northern Lights

One of the best places which you should not miss to visit once you are in Norway is Tromso. Tromso is the most recommended place in North Norway where in you can see the Northern Lights. Tromso is located right in middle of Northern Lights Oval from where we can see the Northern Lights.

It will be a feast to the eyes watching the Northern Lights in Tromso. Not all the travelers will be lucky to see this view.It is recommended that we book a tourism package and have a good guide so that they can guide us to the right place from where we can see the dancing lights.

What are Northern Lights and how are they for me

One of the best Gods creations is the Northern Lights in Tromso. We get to see the Northern lights in Norway or Finland.If you wanted to get a complete and right view of the Northern Lights then Lapland is the best choice to view the scenery.When solar particles from the sun collide with the Earth’s atmosphere the Northern Lights are formed. Due the low magnetism of the poles in the globe the solar particles get attracted towards the end of the globe.

Northern Lights

The power for the particles from the sunisdefined by the KP index and they are measured on a scale of 0 to 9.The more the KP index value then the far away from the poles we can view the Northern lights.

The best time to view the Northern lights in Norway is during night time.As the actual magic of the light rays can be seen and felt in the night.October to March is ideal months to see the Norther Lights in Norway as is it winter there and they have a greater number of night hours.

Taking the tromso northern lights tour and viewing the Northern Lights in Norway is a life time experience and we may not want to mess up with this opportunity.To ensure that we plan out our trip accordingly without any challenges its best that we go through a tourism which offers us with a good and complete package.As the tourism people are experience in their field they will be able to guide us in which all places have to be seen.To view the Northern Lights in Norway it will be best to take guidance from the tourism team who will assist us in making the right choice. EU holidays does offer tourist with lot of package options which is pocket friendly and vide range of customized packages.