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Do babies have kneecaps?

Do babies have kneecaps?

Anyone who has spent a reasonable amount of time with the toddlers will be aware that standing and walking are possible before braking and steering.  The impressive qualities of the toddlers in licking or tearing keeps them ticking. Unless they see someone reacting to their spill with fear, toddlers generally bounce back with a smile on their faces and quickly advance on to the next movable object as far as possible.

When it comes to toddling, knees do take a brunt of their damage. They are tailor made for it as the knees of the baby are soft and have a rubbery feeling to it. Be it 2 or 92 years of age, knees work hard to get around the place. An important joint is formed by intersection of femur (the bone of thigh) patella (knee cap) along with tibia (shin bone)

Do baby have kneecaps when born? Yes, for sure they tend to be just softer than yours. In the case of babies, bones are just about strong to support your body but they are just soft to encourage continued growth. Till the stage of adulthood, when it reaches the final stage of strength or size, they are a consortium of softer cartilage and hard bone. The knee caps are no exception to this.

Have you ever given a thought to this fact, on how babies crawl easily and when you do, it hurts you? Babies are known to move quickly with a smile on their face when they fall. Do baby have knee caps? The answer to this question has a level of complexity attached to it. Let us get our basic medical terminology in order. The cartilage is formed through the process of ossification.  At the time of birth, the skeleton of the baby includes some 300 bones and cartilages. With the passage of time, bones develop with a majority of them fusing leading to the formation of 206 bones in an adult.

Coming back once again to the structure of the knee. It is a flat circular bone referred to as patella or knee cap which happens to be a sesamoid bone (a bone incorporated with a muscle or tendon) that is exposed to a reasonable level of fiction or stress. These bones are found in the hands or the feet. If babies had fully developed kneecaps at birth, the chances of fractures would increase.

Now once again finding answer to the question on whether a baby has knee caps at birth. The answer would be “it depends” it would mean whether you have a knee cap or not. if not the answer is no.  But considering the knowledge of cartilage development coupled with ossification process, you are bound to be of the opinion that babies tend to have knee caps. You are likely to come across the fact that babies have knee caps at the time of birth that are soft at the starting stages which then go on to become stronger and harder with the passage of time.

Sleep On the Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress for Good Health

Sleep On the Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress for Good Health

If you are looking for a soft and comfortable mattress with a mild bounce, opting for the memory foam mattress by Nectar is a wise and prudent choice. This mattress enjoys positive online reviews by customers who have used the product. Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews state that people are happy and satisfied with the quality, texture, firmness and support these mattresses give you. These mattresses improve sleep and keep body aches at bay for days. When you are looking for a top -quality mattress by Nectar read the online reviews of its memory foam mattresses before making a choice.

Choose the memory foam mattress by Nectar

When you are looking for a top- quality mattress, you can choose the memory foam mattress by Nectar. This mattress helps you get the best body support while you are sleeping the whole night. The mattress has “Tencel” cover that gives you air circulation while you sleep in the night. There are several people that feel hot when they sleep in the night. However, memory foam mattresses by Nectar ensure you get complete air circulation that removes the discomfort you associate with sweating. As a mattress customer never rush and buy the first mattress that comes your way.

Mattress free from bugs and pests

The materials used by Nectar are bug resistant. The materials of the mattress ensure that it is never infested with bugs and other pests that can ruin your sleep. Customer reviews of Nectar state that the mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and this means you can keep your mattress for at least 10 to 15 years. As a mattress customer, you cannot keep on buying a new mattress frequently. This is why it is prudent for you to invest in such a mattress that gives you value for money for a very long time. Nectar ensures that you get this value for money and this is why it is popular today.

When you read mattress customer reviews, you find that Nectar ensures you get the best prices for your mattress. The costs are affordable and pocket-friendly. Customers are happy with the materials used and they have mentioned in the reviews that these mattresses are simple to clean and maintain. This is good news for people who wish to ensure that their mattresses are clean and free from dust mites, bugs etc.

If you are looking for a good mattress for your home, read the Nectar Sleep Mattress Reviews and choose a product that meets and matches your needs. The best part of these mattresses is that when you buy them, you will find that your sleep improves drastically. You will also feel happy every day as your body gets the rest that it needs. Read and compare mattress reviews for you to find the right product for your home. You will be happy with the mattresses that are available for your needs as Nectar has a wide collection of top quality mattresses for your comfort. Read verified honest customer reviews and ensure you buy top quality products without hassles at all!

5 signs that will tell you it’s time to move on

5 signs that will tell you it’s time to move on

We all come to a certain point in a relationship where things are so messed up that a bowl of noodles may seem less tangled. To be with someone or not being with someone is something clear. However, the most frustrating phase is the blurry one between being in a relationship and not being in a relationship.

Relationships not always end because of mutual understanding; it can be because of one person who loses interest as time passes. There are very few people who talk things out with their partner when they have doubts about the relationship, or have lost interest in it and want a break up. Even though he or she may not love the person anymore, they will try not to say things right on to the face fearing it might hurt the person.

Some people just let things hang for the other person by giving those signs and hoping that they will understand. Such peoplemight not even care about the confusion and tension their partner goes through because things are just cut abrupt and are left hanging. This article is for you to know that your partner is giving you the signs knowingly or unknowingly which points to the fact that he or she is done with you and you have to move on.


Always busy

Remember those early days of your relationship? How he would squeeze out through his tight schedule and make time for you? Well, if he doesn’t do that anymore and at all, even if you’re upset and you really need him to be with you, then you should sense the red signal.

Short temper

He or she gets annoyed for every little thing you say or do and takes that as a reason for staying away from you and not talking to you for a long time. Apologizing will be something they would have forgotten long ago and every time you need to beg him and apologize to him for his faults or for a silly fight that you both were responsible for and take all the blame on you.

Physical and verbal abuse

Physical and verbal abuse is something that will assure you that it’s high time that you break up with this person. Even in anger, nobody has the right to hit you or abuse you that bad. This clearly points out the fact that he or she has lost respect for you and treats you as an object they possess.

Spends more time with friends

If they say that they are always busy at work but somehow you get to know that they are spending more time with their friends or maybe a new girl or guy, then it’s pretty sure that they don’t enjoy your company anymore.

Stops having loving conversations

When a person loses interest in you, he or she will simply stop saying they love you and talk to you in a romantic way and stops giving you sweet little surprises they used to give you in the past. You will feel that you’re single even if your partner is around.

5 Ways Pets Help in Reducing Stress in People

5 Ways Pets Help in Reducing Stress in People

Once you decide to pet an animal, you know you are signing up for taking care of it, and making sure it stays healthy. What you don’t know is that it works the other way round too. No, your pet isn’t bathing you, feeding you, or petting you in real sense. But it reaches out to you emotionally, and helps you dodge stress, anxiety, and all those fancy names ruining your day.

 It has rightly been said that the best therapist has fur and four legs. To add to it, the best therapist might also have wings, rabbit teeth, or paws. Also, these therapists are way cheaper! To let you know of all the good things your pet is doing for you and be grateful to it, here’s a list of goodies you get for having a pet.


They are therapeutic

A number of animals, like dogs, rabbits, cats are used in hospitals for the purpose of therapy. Besides hospitals, you would find cafés that keep animals where you can have two most naturally therapeutic things- coffee and animal! The joy of coming back to home where your pet greets you is unparalleled. No matter how bad a day has been, pets bring smiles to our faces.

They may reduce your blood pressure

It is more scientific than mere talking when it is said that having animals around reduces your blood pressure. When you communicate with your pet, your body releases hormones that help lowering blood pressure. The idea of talking to animals might seem insane, but it helps ease tension and that’s what science says.

They relax you

If you have had or have a pet, you know exactly what this means. You can never complain of being a bundle of nerves when you have your pets around. This is again science. The feel good hormones called “endorphins” that you release when you’re with pets makes you relax physically and mentally.


They can enhance human nutrition

It is said that when you have a fish tank around you while you’re eating, it motivates you to eat more. This is why many hospitals and nursing homes keep fish tanks. There was a research conducted that showed some positive results. People who were a part of the “Meals on Wheels” program ate near their pets and showed an improved eating pattern.

They enhance your overall relationships

When you’re around your pet, you are you. You don’t care what you are wearing or how you are looking. This becomes a habit and helps you to establish carefree and real relationships with human beings too. When you pet an animal, you learn taking care, nurturing, and being responsible. These characteristics help you form good relationship with close ones too.