Sport is a field that requires maximum physical effort and for a sportsperson to be successful and winning, excellent health is required which means no injuries and capacity to train hard and perform better. This also leads to injuries on the field while participating or off the field during workouts. Each sport being exceptional and each sportsperson being different, the injuries and other problems sustained are also different, which means different approaches are required for the treatment and rehabilitation. This is where sport medicine comes in.

Know more about sports medicine 

Sports medicine, as the term suggests, is a field of medicine that deals with sports injuries, or injuries causes due to athletic movements. For players, recovering from an injury is as important as restoring the body to its healthy functions, so that they can continue to perform well at events. Thus, doctors devise a multifaceted and integrated procedure to treat sports-related injuries. From treating the injury to physical therapy, each step involves careful precision so that the athlete can recover faster and more safely.

Sport is a vast field and a lucrative career option and alongside, sports medicine too has become an interesting professional choice for many. There are many facets to sport medicine. Orthopedic physical therapy is a part of the field which involves treating the musculoskeletal system which means offering effective cure to injuries caused in bones and muscles, along with the ligaments, joints and tendons. Different techniques are used for treating sports injuries as well as for an effective rehabilitation program.

Another branch is the integrated physical therapy which consists of manual procedures with modern technology. An example can be CAREN which is Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment, which is helpful in testing many aspects related to injuries which are stability of movement, balance and also reaction time. The system is also helpful in rehabilitation and also to enhance these aspects after due recovery.

DNS or Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization is a unique treatment procedure in which the patient has to practice infant movements, which are the crawling and walking movements similar to an infant’s. This is a very effecting technique because this brings about postural alignment which in turn stimulates the motor control system of the brain.

Manual physical therapy is also used to treat injuries or strain due to sports activities. It involves treatment through hands which includes stretching of muscles done by the physician on the patient, joint mobilization and manoeuvring. It has been found effective in many areas, especially in case of sports hernia win which the imbalance is corrected by stretching muscles and tissues.

Thus, such integrated and different means of techniques prove to be super effective in not just treating sports injuries but also making the neuro musculoskeletal system stronger in the process. The basic aim of sports medicine is that the injuries or the strain should not re-occur and that the body becomes much more capable in handling injuries and traumas in future as well. At the same time, it is important to consult an expert doctor for the procedure who understands how and when to apply a particular technique effectively.