Schizophrenia is one of the mental issues that have to be dealt as early as possible. The reason is that the person that suffer from Schizophrenia will suffer from different  mental issues such as anxiety, depression, double mindedness, stress, emotional breakdown, bipolar disorder, hallucinations, delusions and many other issues. These things not only affect them, it will also affect the people around them especially the family and loved ones. Person that suffers from Schizophrenia will not be able to concentrate on anything such as career, education and normal life. In such case, they are treated with appropriate medicines expecting a remedy.

Abilify drug

One of the major drugs given to the Schizophrenic patients is abilify. The Abilify drug is widely famous as it is mostly preferred. Doctors and clinicians do not fail to prescribe this drug for the Schizophrenic patients. The fact is that there are many people that suffer from severe behavioral issues because of the side effects of Abilify. A lot of patients that took Abilify for recovering from psychotic issues have been suffering from compulsive behavior issues as it leads to addiction. Most of the patients that use Abilify are found to suffer any kind of addiction such as sex, gambling and shopping.

How does it affect?

Abilify drug also causes Type 2 Diabetes even in children that take this drug for mental issues. Different kinds of behavioral issues are encountered of taking this drug. Families and people have lost money, peace and joy as this drug worsens the person by affecting their mind leading them in to addiction. Abilify actually affects the central nervous system and the severity of this drug affects the neurotransmitters and collapses the entire behavior system.  Actually the Abilify drug manufacturer has hidden the risk and the danger of taking this drug. Due to this, litigation is filed against the manufacturer regarding the risks and side effects but still Abilify is on roll illegally. After the litigation is filed, the advertising label is changed with caution about taking this dangerous drug.

Illegally available

Manufacturers of Abilify give multiple offers to the Doctors and Clinicians to convince them about selling Abilify. Tour packages, resort booking, air ticket booking and many other offers are provided to attract the Doctors eventually Abilify is on roll illegally. Different Doctors prescribe this drug as anti depressant for the people to deal with chronic insomnia, depression and other issues. As the patients take this drug they develop compulsive behavior issues that ruin their life. Though this drug is prescribed to treat the imbalance in mind, it ceases the release of neurotransmitters and alters the system resulting in collapsing the normal behavior system of the person.

Assistance of Med Law

The Med Law Groups raises litigation against the manufacturer to get proper compensation for their clients. The families and persons suffered due to the repercussions of Abilify can contact Med Law Groups as the experienced attorneys will dealt the case and seek justice with proper grounds against Abilify drug manufacturer.