CCIE-Collaboration or Cisco certified training program is a specialized program for the experienced network professionals. This is not for the mass, only for a particular set of experts. You will be eligible for the training schedule only if you have certain 3-5 years of job experience. Therefore, you need to practice and perform at the optimum level. This is a completely web-based program. On a certain website, you will get your study material along with a suitable learning plan, question upgradations, practice exams to evaluate yourself and a final exam. All of these will be done under a professional and expert supervision of your mentor. They will help you with the study material and anything of your queries. The prime reason for its popularity worldwide is the flexible training schedule. A candidate can access the portal anytime from anywhere. It will help you to assess your result and will give you the required feedback. Not only the study material, the website will provide you sufficient lab sessions online. This advanced training requires two consequent exams to pass. First, you have to pass a two-hour ccie-collaboration written exam. An 8-hour hands-on lab exam is the second one you have to pass.

Information regarding CCIE-Collaboration written exam:

This written exam is intended to validate a candidate’s ability and efficiency to organize collaboration procedure and services that boost user productivity, improve the customer’s experience and offer a flawless user experience. The written exam includes an evolving technology sector. If you successfully pass this written exam of CCIE-Collaboration, you will be capable to associate your knowledge of the developing technology with the core technology skill to adopt at an accelerated rapidity. Network programmability, cloud, IoT-are the examples of such adopted technologies.

CCIE-Collaboration written exam topics:

Why must a candidate have to pass this written exam? This ccie-collaboration written exam is scheduled to evaluate the basic and upgraded skills of the candidates whether they are capable to design, plan, implement, operate and most importantly troubleshoot certain issue and communication networks. It will also validate your knowledge-depth. The whole procedure includes three sub domains and five tasks. With the help of these sections, your knowledge-depth will be focused on your conceptual understanding. 10 percent of the total score is about the evolving technology whereas the remaining 90 percent is about the core technology.

So, the CCIE website provides several study materials in PDF formats which you can download or can take print-outs according to your preference. For some of the materials, paperbacks are also available. You need to browse the website to observe different modules with different options. You should thoroughly check these features and then decide which the best module is, depending on your capability. Now, you can purchase your desired study material. These are not designed as an inclusive self-study program. It is more about a suggestion of the beginning. They are supplementary to your study plan and preparation for your exam.

If you are looking for the proper training session related to the topics of your written exam, learning matrix is here to help you. It will customize your preparation.