Unplanned or accidental pregnancy makes a lot of women look for safe and effective home remedies for abortion. Although pregnancy is a wonderful phase in the life of every woman, unplanned pregnancy always appears nightmare. While this is emotionally a tough decision to terminate, it appears a better option to terminate the pregnancy at the early stage. Many women who fell into such nightmare hunt for home remedies or abortion.

Due to emotional reasons, financial concerns and privacy issues, home remedies for abortion count as safe remedies if you are pregnant under 6 weeks. More importantly, these remedies are safe and natural but only effective in the early stage of pregnancy.

Although you can find plenty of home remedies for abortion, here is the list of five lesser-known remedies.

1.     Home Remedies for Abortion – Count on Laxatives

Laxatives work straight away, without any fuss. It is the very common knowledge that taking laxatives induces passing stool in case of constipation. When you are normally healthy, it upsets the stomach and terminates the pregnancy in the initial stages. Upset stomach creates unfavorable conditions for the pregnant women in her early gestation period for growth of the fetus. It literally leads to natural termination in the early phase of pregnancy and causes natural abortion.

2.     Home Remedies for Abortion – Hardcore Workouts

It is not uncommon to take rest and remain not very active for a brief period immediately after confirmation of pregnancy. This is precisely practiced to ensure that physical strain may lead to abortion. Those who struggle with the unplanned pregnancy can blindly go for this effective, safest and all natural home remedies for abortion, i.e workouts.

Workout rigorously, and do hardcore exercises pushing beyond your limits. Run on treadmill for hours or climb stairs frequently until you feel like you are totally worn-out. You can go for high-intensity workouts. If you have never trained on any sort of exercises, this could be of great help. In fact, hardcore workouts can be counted as one of the best home remedies for abortion.

3.     Home remedies for abortion – Sexual Intimacy

Generally, it is recommended to couple to avoid sexual intimacy to help fetus settle in the womb. Sexual intimacy causes hormonal ups and downs, which can potentially lead to termination. You can use it as one of the natural home remedies for abortion. Having sex for a few times a day, for few days lead to natural abortion. Of course, this also helps in other ways to create a bonding with the spouse.

4.     Home remedies for abortion – Load up on Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C plays a significant role in the natural termination of early pregnancy. Solidly, eating something to abort naturally can be counted as one of the effective and safe home remedies for abortion.

Vitamin C is closely connected with hormones and specifically on estrogen. Consuming higher dose of Vitamin C foods boosts the estrogen levels. Increase in estrogen directly impacts the level of progesterone. Progesterone is an important hormone that supports fetus development. The decrease in the progesterone levels affect the growth of the fetus and obstruct the pregnancy progresses. It naturally induces abortion.

Vitamin C is rich in citrus fruits like orange, lemon, lime, kiwi, and vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, and dark green leafy vegetables. In addition to eating vitamin C rich foods, you can also take about 1000 mg vitamin C a day for three to four days.

5.     Home Remedies for Abortion – Massage and Hot Showers

Probably, the easiest and most relaxing way to terminate the unplanned pregnancy as simple home remedies for abortion is massage and hot showers. Take full body massage and massage strenuously around abdomen with solid pressure. In addition, taking hot showers twice or thrice a day after massage also proves to one of the best home remedies for abortion.

These are few lesser known home remedies for abortion to try at home for safe termination of early pregnancy.

Source: ehomeremedieshub.com