Nowadays, getting a massage is like ordering a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Would you like a private room or an executive suite? Swedish, shiatsu or deep tissue? Would you want to add a scrub or a facial? There are too many options! All you want is to slip into the bed and get your sore back rubbed by a professional. But, before you even get there, it pays to know the different types of massages.

Depending on your need, there’s a different technique that a reputable spa can offer. The reason why there are so many options is because people have different concerns. Some want a softer touch while others prefer the masseur to dig deep into their bones. No matter what your concern, a good spa will have a solution for you. All you need to do is know the difference.

A Massage for Beginners

If you’re new to the whole spa scene then the best massage to get when you’re unsure is Swedish. This is probably the safest to get because it has a bit of everything. There are long presses and even moments of deep muscle nudging. It’s great when you want to just relax and get some relief from all your stress. If some of your muscle have been cramping up lately, then a skilled masseur can do wonders using the Swedish style method. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dozing off from time to time. This spa specialty is meant to induce such a relaxing mood that it becomes normal to sleep.

Digging Deep

While Swedish is more for relaxation and a bit of muscle stress relief, Deep Tissue is when it gets more intense. If you’re someone who needs skilled hands to alleviate tension deep within your muscle then this massage is for you. Masseurs use their knuckles and elbows prod hard into a problem area. If you’re not used to a hard touch then this might not be for you. Although, it remains to be a popular choice thanks to its healing and de-stressing effects. If this sounds enticing and you’re wondering about a deep tissue massage near me then plenty can be found online for you to book.

The Gentle Touch

Even gentler than the popular Swedish massage is the Shiatsu. It’s a Japanese method where they use mostly their fingers to find pressure points to alleviate any pain. Now, you probably know that the different parts of the body are all connected. So, if you have a head ache, you don’t necessarily have to massage or rub your head only. There are spots in the body that if pressure is applied can positively affect other parts. This is mostly how Shiatsu works.

There are a lot more massage techniques from around the world and frankly, you won’t memorize them all. The important thing is you know the basics so the moment you step into a spa and you’re given all these options, you’ll know exactly which to go for.