The steroid laws from South Africa are pretty easy to find out, so you can have all the information before you need to travel there. You need to know laws of steroid use when you buy it from a place and when you consume it in a particular place. Most countries let you use steroids when you have a doctor’s prescription or you need it for medical reasons. However, you can fall in trouble with South African rules if you don’t know all about it.

South African laws on steroids

The internet might tell you that there are many rules and regulations related to steroidal use in South Africa. They say that the laws are illegal but the authorities are not that strict with producing and selling or even importing and exporting of steroids. The drug trading is quite massive in nature and goes quite unnoticed. These are same for legal regulations on Dianabol or any other drug for that matter. Some forums say that if you have a contact, they can come and deliver it to you. This process might be true in a few locations, but people, who are caught in import, export, sells, and more, can fall in trouble.

Risks to get caught

If you take time and research about the condition of steroids in South Africa, you will know that they have varied rules. Mostly, different sites sell out different information and you need to know what’s true. In 2014, the EWN News Agency reported arrests of steroid producers in Pretoria. They had caught around R$20 million of steroids in one house. Due to this and other similar reports, the South African organization of Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation was formed. Citizen in South African, just like Australia and America are quite common with steroid usage.  As per, Taylor Hooton Foundation, the African government is trying to take serious measures to cut down on steroid use in schools. There is a South African Institute for Drug Free Sports that has commenced testing people who are involved in sports activities in the South African schools.

Steroids and sports

The misuse of steroids in the world of sports is most prevalent and that has made the African government take strict laws in this area. Their usages will be more focused on and people caught will be suspended. There have been people who were caught for using steroids, some of them to name are:

  • Weightlifter Alfonso Adonis who received a suspension of four months for using methylhexaneamine.
  • Cycler Enzo Lezzi had got a 15 month suspension for using Deca Durabolin
  • Power lifter Daniel Ross Harlin who got a 2 year suspension for consuming Nandrolone
  • Boxer Jared Lovettwas suspended for 16 years for consuming Boldenone.

The legal regulations on Dianabol are same as the names you just read above, and it is better to avoid these sorts of drug when you are in sports. No matter where you live, sports and steroids should move in the opposite direction.