Today’s world is totally dependent on the digital system. The smart phone is one of the common usages of digitalization. Now, it is the chance to make your own home smart. Yes, this is a new trend. If you are a tech-savvy then it will be an exciting idea for you. These digital devices are the best known as the digital assistants. You can connect your smart phone with those devices and control whatever you want like temperature in your home. Let’s check some of the digital gadgets for smart home automation. 

Smart Hub: it is the next level home automation device. You can connect all of your smart devices like smart thermostats, lights, home entertainment device via this smart hub. Here, everything is connected with everything just like the other hubs. Selection of a smart hub is not so easy task. Below in this article, we are enlisting two of our best picks.

  1. Samsung Smart Things Hub:

This Samsung Smart Things Hub has included Amazon Alexa and Google Home Integration. It means if you can control your device with this smart hub then you also can control it via your voice. Amazon Echo or Google Home will help you out for this feature. The main advantage of this smart hub is that it is the most compatible hubs available in the market today. It can connect with your smart light (Philips hue bulbs) as well as with the Z-wave and Zigbee.  Temperature sensor, door sensor, and the motion sensor are available here and are compatible with your voice.

  1. Wink:

It is another popular smart hub among the other popular smart hubs. It does not provide any voice sensor like the previously described Samsung smart hub. There are other features which are really exciting. It is compatible with many of your smart devices. You can connect this device through the most common Bluetooth, Clear Connect, Kidde, LE, Zigbee, and Z-wave.


Wireless Speaker:

                It is the entertaining device of your smart home. It does not require any wired connection to play on. But there are limitations of how many devices can be connected with that.

                Sonos Play3 is a wireless smart speaker what you can try for your smart home. This brand is experienced in the smart automation field. It provides you the pure sound quality and a controlled bass. Though it is a bit expensive, the extremely good sound quality worth it. You can set up multiple speakers throughout your home and can connect with your smart hub. You also can do some funny things with the help of this like changing the shade of the light according to the changing of the song while connecting to IFTTT.

Now, you have a clear idea about the smart home automation. After this, you have to decide your expectations including the budget, maintenance of the digital assistants etc. if you want to start with the basic gadgets then the smart light, smart thermostats are the best options for you. If you are familiar with these devices go for the updated one like smart hubs. Everything will be according to your requirements whatever you want to design your smart home. Also, you need to understand the new technologies used here. Keep everything in your mind and start design. Give your home a new look and a new prospect.