Being a beautiful and wealthy country, Australia invites loads of individuals to be their workplace as Australia provides excellent work environment and opportunities. Individuals who are interested in doing a job in Australia and need the authorization to work in the beautiful nation can apply thorough Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS). The ENS is a permanent residence visa that permits Australian employers to appoint or nominate skilled foreign workers to work in Australia on a subclass 186 visa. It is a two-step visa process that involves-

  • A nomination by a permitted Australian employer and
  • A visa application by the skilled foreign worker

It is permissible that candidates are in or else outside Australia when applying for this visa. The ENS Visa has three streams.

  1. 1. The Temporary Residence Transition Stream

The Temporary Residence Transition stream Visa is for 457 visa possessors who have laboured for two years, while embracing a subclass 457 visa, in the similar profession with their nominating boss who is all set to offer them a stable spot in that business.

  1. The Direct Entry Stream

The Direct Entry Stream Resident Visa Australia is for applicants who have not employed and worked on a 457 visa with their appointing employer for two years however who are appropriately experienced in their profession as well as have worked for minimum three years at a competent level in their profession.

  1. The Agreement Stream

The Agreement Stream Visa is for those applicants who are sponsored by an employer via a work agreement.

One can easily get visa through any of the streams but if are interested in applying through Direct Entry Stream of ENS Visa below are some of the requirements and benefits of applying through this stream

Requirements of Direct Entry Stream Visa

  • Within six months, the applicant who is selected requires sanction from Australian employer previous to they apply.
  • At the time of application applicant who is registering under Direct Entry stream, must be less than 45 years of age.
  • The English proficiency of the applicant has to be skilful; it must be equivalent to IELTS (International English language Testing System).
  • The candidate has to prove his/her qualifications as well as skill certificates such as required registration, license or professional membership during lodgment.
  • The candidate doesn’t hold any criminal record.
  • Three years of work experience is required for practised workers in their allocated occupation.
  • The health of the candidate should be in perfect situation.
  • The applicant should be selected under CSOL (Consolidated Occupation List).

Benefits of Applying Through Direct Entry Stream Visa

If you apply through Direct Entry Stream ENS subclass 186 Visa you can get various benefits such as

  • You can be a PR (permanent resident) in Australia
  • You can apply for Citizenship of Australia, if eligible
  • You can do live, study and work for infinite time in Australia
  • You can sponsor your friends and family for permanent residency

If you are also amongst them who desire to visit Australia for employment purposes, you can apply through Direct Entry Stream Business Visa Australia to work and live in Australia