Dianabol, the brand name used by Ciba, the Swiss pharmaceutical company, was introduced in the 1960s, to help the US Olympics team beat the Soviets. Later, this steroid has proven to be effective in rapid muscle tissue growth and strength and got a good reputation throughout the world for its best results but now, it is considered as an illegal drug in many countries and is not quite approved in many bodybuilding circles due to its severe side effects.

Dianabol occupied the best place in steroid market because of its effectiveness in building muscle mass and as it could be administered orally, which saves the trouble to a lot of steroid users who fret over injections. By using this steroid, beginners can notice improvements just after a month by taking the dosage of 25-30 mg per day. It can also be stacked with other steroids to enhance muscle mass and promote rapid muscle tissue growth. When exact diet is followed with these steroids, you can sometimes reduce up to 5000 calories or more per day. However, this steroid is not so effective in burning fat. That’s mainly because of the water retention resulting from Dbol use.

The most vital side effect here to be noted about Dbol is that it is highly toxic to the kidneys. That’s why this steroid use is limited in duration among those who choose to disregard the risks. Apart from being toxic to the liver, it also causes potential heart problems. Other side effects of using this steroid include severe acne, oily skin, and excessive hair growth.

Though this steroid causes many side effects, its popularity has never decreased as any other supplements simply could not match the effectiveness of this Dbol in building muscle quickly. Dianabol steroid is also taken in oral form and this increases strength, mass, muscle protein photosynthesis and nitrogen retention. Results can be seen in just a couple of weeks. As Dianabol is a toxic oral steroid, it should not be used for longer periods like more than 6 weeks.

For beginner level steroid users, Dianabol the only cycle is a favorite one as this cycle does work well. The majority of the mass gained is water retention and will, therefore, be lost once the Dianabol cycle is stopped. Exact Dianabol dosage from 1st week to 5th week must be 40 mg per day. Using 40 mg of Dianabol per day along with Testosterone Cypionate at a dosage of 500mg is a perfect recipe for insane muscle gains. Users have reported to gain up to 20kgs from this cycle.

Generally, Dianabol works best at almost any dosage above 10 mg a day, you can do this as a 4-week cycle of Dianabol at a low dose, but even by this low dosage, you can gain 8 kgs and tons of strength. There is actually no exact dosage for everyone, however taking Dianabol more than 50mg a day will lead to severe side effects. For beginners, Dbol dosage must be 20 mg per day and for more experienced users a dosage must be around 40 to 50mg and it can be stacked with other steroids too.