If your smart phone is an android based and see the whatsapp for android updates by adding the new text formatting which support for all file types to the version of your app which allow you to share all the types of files and documents. By updating you can get the more features. This new features includes swiping up the in app camera to see videos and photos from the gallery and also sending multiple pics as an album and simple text formatting. That means if a user send five or more photos then the user can see the photos as an album now not like the older feature one below the other. Whereas coming to text formatting by whatsapp update you can get the text bold, strikethrough and you can get the format as italic also if you want to change this makes you easier for messaging. The user’s just want to do is simply tap and hold text to select which font and format they want to use while messaging.If you are looking for to see more information from your messenger app then you have the option to upgrade the unofficial whatsapp plus.

Whatsapp update is an app which gives you all the latest available versions of whatsapp installed on your android. Once you install for updating whatsapp then stop worrying. If any new version is available in the official website then the app will notify itself and download within a few minutes.

Upgrading the unofficial whatsapp plus is a third party app whatsapp does not give guarantee on its security and performance. It is an unofficial so it cannot be downloaded from Google play store. Keep in mind that always download the app from the Google play store to provide security. Find the whatsapp plus APK file from the online be sure that you should download this APK file from the trusted website. Here are some few steps to upgrade to whatsapp plus from the original.

  • Always maintain a complete back up from your official whatsapp to do this go to the apps option. To save your chat history, call history, photos, whatsapp contacts and all other information of your whatsapp.
  • You will not get the whatsapp plus download from the Google play storeso you have to make sure to adjust your mobile phone security settings because you will get download from the other unknown sources.
  • Always find a trusted site and start on a link to start downloading this whatsapp plus. Now you are ready to download this whatsapp APK file.
  • Before you installing this whatsapp plus first uninstall the whatsapp original app. To keep safe all the backup information.
  • If you see the download complete then open the file and click the install button.
  • Ensure that your phone is not on Wifi- only mode that will hinder the download of the file. For this, go to settings on your phone and change the option.

Now you can see the whatsapp plus grade ready in your smartphone on your android phone. Updating is more important to get the latest available versions