If you live in Delhi and you are making a plan to go to Bangalore to attend your friend’s wedding then you must go there well in time. Exactly, take some time for yourself and explore the monuments of this city. After all, the city is a blend of culture extensiveness of previous eras and the modern day trends and advancements.

You can find a suitable Delhi to Bengaluru flights schedule and make up your trip accordingly. After all you don’t go to other places every now and then right? So, since that is the case, you must make some time for exploration too. There is nothing wrong in that. Have a great time with your friend in their wedding and remaining time you can spend at different monument attractions of that land.  To boost your excitement, you can have a look at the following monumental spots of Bangalore:

Bangalore Palace

This 120-year-old palace is snuggled in the heart of Bangalore in the middle of acres of rambling lawns and tastefully inclined blooming extensive gardens. This palace is made up of wood and brags about some exquisitely intricate sculpting and lively paintings. This beautiful fairy tale castle has fortification crenelated towers having gothic windows full with embankments and turrets.

You know the construction of this amazing edifice glowing in beautiful splendour incurred expenditure only over Rs. 1 lakh. The gorgeously appealing door panel and the decorative floral motifs, cornices and multi-coloured paintings on the ceiling hypnotise tourists.   In present time the Bangalore Palace is contrasted between Jayamahal and Sadashivanagar. It houses some of the country’s finest exhibitions, musical get-togethers, concerts and cultural events.


VidhanSoudha’s claim to fame is that the spot is the hugest Secretariat in India and encompasses the State Legislature. The building is a delightful amalgam of the neo-Dravidian, Indio-Islamic, British and contemporary architecture that bears testimony to the secularism that is there in India. Thisgorgeous building was built by dexterous craftsmen in the supervision of then then Chief Engineer, late B.R.Manickam of Public Works Department. To keep alive the ergonomic and aesthetic   appeal of the building, VidhanaSoudha is made up of a striking mixture of Magadi pink, Bangalore granite and Turuvekere black stones.

Tippu Fort

This palace mainly served the purpose of Tipu Sultan’s summer retreat who initiated it Tashk-e-Jannat meaning the envy of heaven. The palace has its old-fashioned wooden finish, extensive arches and minarets and colourful paintings on walls and ceilings and it all creates breath-taking interiors that enthral visitors.

The remnants of Tipu’s Fort are situated amidst the disordered hustle and bustle of this City Market that’s existence is credited to the initiative of Chikkadeva Raya. The construction was later taken down and renewed and put together by Haider Ali and of course Tipu Sultan.  The interior of the fort encompasses the relics of the regal Tipu’s Palace, bearing dashes of the variations of Tipu Sultan’s reign. The entire fort is full of historic aura and you would get a historic experience therein.

Thus, the moral of the story is Bangalore has some outlandish and amazing monuments that you must visit if you go there. After all, these add-ons in your traveling list will make you feel really rich and informed.