How to plan for your second pregnancy

Are you planning to have a second baby? The pregnancy tools may point whether you are pregnant or not. To be honest you are not alone in the thought of extending your family and it is actually better for your first child as well.

Once pregnancy test tools confirm the status of your second pregnancy the real work starts. In a lot of ways the symptoms would be same to the first one, but you can expect some changes as well. The main reason would be that you have a lot of things to do and not be bothered too much about the symptoms during the second trimester of pregnancy. In case if you are planning for your second baby or planning to have one there are some symptoms that would of considerable help.

Before you plan for the second baby you might be having a series of questions at the back of your mind. Some of the common questions that women tend to face up to during the second pregnancy are as follows

  • Could I really be pregnant or am I visualizing things
  • Could it be possible that I am pregnant during the course of my periods
  • Would my second pregnancy would be different from my 1st

All these queries tend to be normal and would strike a lady who is planning for the second baby. Let us now explore some of the common symptoms that you experience during the second pregnancy

Breast tenderness

The most common symptom would be breast tenderness. You could figure out that the breasts are swollen and when touched pain a lot. The pigmented region of the pimples should be dark in colour.

Weakness and fatigue

Tiredness and fatigue would be another pregnancy symptom that you could experience. It is seen that most women do feel exhausted more than they tend to feel for the first time. The reason being that women do not get too much time to rest during the second pregnancy and hence tiredness creeps in.

Morning sickness

Similar to the first pregnancy you do experience symptoms of morning sickness during the second pregnancy. This can be accompanied by nausea, headache and vomiting.

In addition there are some other indications that could pave way for your second pregnancy

The types of tests to confirm your pregnancy status

To confirm the status of your pregnancy there are a series of tests that can be undertaken. Some of them are as easy to be undertaken at your home. A series of blood along with urine tests are conducted. In case of the latter it is better to conduct them in the lab because the chances of things going wrong are remote.

Blood tests tends to be more accurate than the urine tests. But the results take longer and you may have to spend more when you opt for such tests. All of them are based on the principle of HCG detection in urine or blood.