As the demand for sustainable and natural fabrics keep increasing, cellulosic fibers are gradually becoming quite popular. There are so many choices when it comes to cellulosic natural fibers Tencel being one of the most preferred.  The high demand for Tencel has left many wondering what it is, its benefits, and why it’s so popular.

What is Tencel? Tencel isan organically sourced botanic fiber that’s sustainably harvested and produced. It’s got from the eucalyptus tree and manufactured via an environmentally-friendly and safe process known as the closed loop production process. Considering that eucalyptus trees are sustainable plants that regenerate naturally and quickly without the aid of pesticides or herbicides, Tencel is considered more than 99 percent a safe, recyclable, and sustainable fiber. Now that we know what Tencel is, let’s have a look at the reasons it’s so popular.

Exclusively Comfortable and Aesthetic

Tencel is naturally cool and soft. It feels gentle and smooth on your skin. This minimizes the level of skin irritation and gives you optimum comfort. It’s likewise exclusively aesthetic and eye-catching. It features a slender aesthetic polish that gives it a soft refined and lustrous look. So, clothes made from this fabric are ideal for both casual and official purposes.

Has Amazing Moisture Absorption Properties

Tencel fabric boasts to have unequaled moisture management properties. When compared to cotton, it’s 70% more accurate when it comes to moisture absorption.  The outstanding moisture absorption and breathable properties of Tencel enable it to naturally absorb moisture and fast release it to offer a cooler and dryer living environment during hot days.

It Has Great Hypoallergenic Properties

In nature, Tencel is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t require beaching or dying as it may be the case with other natural fibers like cotton. Likewise, Tencel doesn’t produce a static charge. Therefore, it doesn’t entertain the clinging of dust and other particles that may result in the fiber attracting dirt quicker than expected.

It is Naturally Hygienic

The fact that this botanic fiber has best moisture absorption properties means that it does not entertain the growth of bacteria. The moisture absorption properties of the fiber make it able to totally transport all the moisture deep inside which eradicates the formation of a moisture film that can attract the growth of bacteria. Likewise, the amazing moisture management properties of this fiber make it less prone to wrinkles when in comparison with other fibers like cotton.


As seen above, Tencel is the biodegradable and sustainable fiber that’s taking the cloth manufacturing industries by surprise. The biodegradable nature of this fiber ensures that it will get decomposed easily by living organisms and bacteria when disposed into the landfills which aid to lower pollution and preserve the environment. It’s also naturally sourced and manufactured so you don’t have to worry about the health effects of wearing a chemically sourced and produced fiber cloth. Also, it has great moisture absorption properties which mean it is comfortable to wear and does not attract the clinging of dirt particles and bacteria. Visit to read more about Tencel.