When it comes to wedding jewellery Indian brides always go for a few things that they think are necessary to wear on their wedding day. It can vary from one tradition to another and also it depends on what the bride wants to wear.

Waman hari pethe has a good collection of different varieties of wedding jewelleries and one can select some great bridal essentials from them. Here are a few things that women mostly want to wear when it comes to bridal jewellery.

Maang Tikka

It is a beautiful piece of wedding jewellery that belongs to an essential Indian tradition. If a woman wants to flaunt a complete traditional style on their wedding day, then it will be incomplete without a maang tika. This piece is mainly used to fill up the centre part of the woman’s parting hair. Choosing the right maang tika is the most important thing though. When one is going to buy them then need to choose one according to their size of the forehead. If one has a broader forehead then they need to pick a heavy maang tika and if one has a smaller forehead then it can be a lighter one as well. One can buy a maang tika by matching their necklace and their wedding earrings.


This is a very essential piece when it comes to bridal jewellery. Most Indian bride thinks this to be a mandatory wear on their wedding day. A nicely designed necklace can add a lot of glamour and personality to the bride. It covers the bare neck area and most Indian bride end up wearing a gold necklace on their wedding day. They can also choose diamond or kundan instead of gold.


These are the best friends of the bride. They have to complement the necklace that the bride will be wearing on her wedding day. When one selects their earrings, they get a wide range and variety of options. There are heavy earrings and lighter earrings and one can select them according to their preference. One needs to choose their earrings according to their bridal wear as well. If the wear has a pastel tone then one can go for some stone studded earrings or some diamond earrings. In case of a darker toned bridal wear it is a good idea to go for gold earrings.

Nose Ring

 Though this is a traditional Indian bridal jewellery, there are many women who does not want to wear them on their wedding day. But if they decide to wear it, then they can choose from the endless varieties that are available. WHP jewellery designs are traditional and yet fashionable when it comes to nose rings. When it comes to naths it has a Mughal origin and this beautiful piece of jewellery is worn by a lot of women in any traditional function. But one has to choose the size and shape depending on their style and choice.

These are the jewelleries that one feels that they must wear on their wedding day.