consideration of self storage in kwun tong

If you are ready to empty up space in your home and office, then you should choose the Minibox self-storage facility. They have a lot of facilities all over Hong Kong. So, if you are willing to keep your stuff space without making a mess in your home or office, then you take under consideration of self storage in kwun tong. Minibox has an experienced and friendly staff that provides high-quality storage space.

Once you rent the Minibox units, you will understand that it is the best quality service with lots of features. Not only they offer a variety of sizes and spaces but also provide high-level security. With Minibox, you will get:

  • Access to the units between 7 AM to 24 PM
  • Helpful on-site staff from Monday to Saturday in Kwun Tong location
  • Unique PIN code access to the units
  • Free Trolley and Ladder use
  • Month to month leases
  • Wide corridor with large loading and unloading bays

As you are considering the Minibox service, you should take a look at the highlights that the company provides.


The Minibox self-storage service is operating since June 2002. And since then, the service has been providing amazing features to the customers.


The service assures that you will have a safe and secure environment to keep your belongings. The facilities are equipped with a fire warning system, fire extinguishers, sprinkler system, and hose reels are all certified to ensure that your possessions are safe in the units. The facilities are always prepared for emergency conditions.

consideration of self storage in kwun tong


The service Minibox provides is durable and properly conditioned to make sure that your stuff is also well protected. The staff is dedicated and have years of experience. That’s why the customers can rest knowing that their belongings are in safe hands. The service has also been awarded by the award for the best self-storage business in Hong Kong.

Storage Protection Plan:

To further guarantee the customers that their belongings are safe, the business has added a storage protection plan.

The service clearly represents a simple motive to keep your stuff safe and provide industry-leading service to the customers on a daily basis. Along with the main advantages, you will also have additional service included. The service benefits include:

  • They own their properties
  • Over 16+ years of experience in the field
  • Fully air-conditioned storage
  • 14 hour CCTV recording
  • Individual Storage Protection plan
  • Helpful on-site staff
  • Free exclusive parking
  • Walking distance from MTR station
  • Credit Card Payment is also available

So, if you want to enjoy the empty space in your living area or bedroom or office cabin, then keep the extra stuff in reach yet away from the home and office. Take consideration of self-storage in Kwun Tong and visit the facility any time you need to get something from your personal storage units.