Android smartphones have been the best selling ever since the launch of this amazing operating system by none other than Google! It has always been ahead of its rival operating system iOS and has always been successful in providing a whole lot of new features whenever they launch a new version. Check out the Mobile Price List in India under your budget. Below mentioned are some of the points which attract the buyers away from iPhones and compel them to go ahead with a fully packed Android smartphone:

Universally Compatible:

Androids are considered to be the smartphones with the best compatibility with most of the products out there. They get connected with almost all the range of laptops, other smartphones as well as mobile accessories. You need not go out looking for a charger whenever you forget bringing yours, unlike its rival. They get connected with almost every accessory without any hassle. Moreover, the variety of accessories available for smartphones is endless and you can enjoy them on the go! Do not forget to check the vast compatibility of Realme XT 730G.

Latest Hardware Specifications: Due to a huge competition in the android market, each company thrives to launch the latest hardware specs at the earliest possible. If you are a hardcore gamer or a heavy phone user, getting a high specifications android will do the job for you and work smoothly even with the heaviest of the files.

Audio Jack!: You must have come across iPhone users who have been unable to use their beloved headphones that they have been using ever since just because of the lack of an audio jack. Moreover, audio jacks come handy whenever you need to connect to portable or even no portable music systems without wireless connectivity. This takes the androids one step ahead of the iPhones!

Available in every Price range: You can get an Android in whichever price range you desire, moreover, with all the desired specifications. There is an endless number of brands fighting to surpass the other one in terms of specifications as well as the pricing, therefore finding a perfect fit for yourself under the specified budget becomes much easier. However, on the other hand, you cannot have an alternative in iPhones where you can get it at a cheaper price anywhere in the world. Realme XT 730G offers the best features under the price range. For others, you can also check the Mobile Price List in India.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, the numbers of applications that are being launched for the android platform for free are endless which makes it much more ahead of the iPhone app store. You can find all the apps that may make your daily lives easier.