What are helmets and why is there a need to wear helmets? Helmets are the safety item that is used by riders for riding a bike. Helmets are used by riders for preventing any kind of head or face injuries. There are so many different types of modular helmets that have additional convinces such as ventilation, face shields, intercom etc.

What are modular helmets? Modular helmets are designed for giving special comfort to the riders while riding. Modular helmets get easily converted into open-faced helmets. These helmets are a hybrid of full-faced and open-faced helmets.

These modular helmets are the best kind of helmets that can be used by the riders who want to flip up their chin bar and to start a conversation with their fellow rider.

Are modular helmets safe to wear while riding? Modular helmets are not always safe for people. Modular helmets are safer than open-faced helmets but are not as safe as full-faced helmets.

While riding if the chin bar of the helmet is closed, then it is 100% safe as because closed chin bar will help out people in preventing head injuries. If the chin bar is opened, then the modular helmet is not safe for people. In simple words, using a modular cruiser helmets is not always safe.

Some of the different types of modular helmets that should be used by people are mentioned below:

Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet: This is the best type of helmet that gives the rider proper comfort and is available in all the sizes. Some of the key features of this helmet are:

  1. This modular helmet is made up with Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus construction. This helmet is very much light in weight.
  2. The interior of the helmet is very much comfortable because it is constructed from 3D Max-Dry material. This material helps in absorbing two times its weight in moisture.
  3. These helmets help in providing proper ventilation to the rider while riding the bike. This modular helmet has a feature to remove the cheek pads.

People can buy these type of helmets online also because online shopping sites have best deals on street motorcycle helmets.

HJC IS-Max 2 Modular Helmet: This is again a modular helmet that is used by the riders. Therefore, this is the top-best modular helmet with four out of five stars because of its features.

  1. This modular helmet is very much light in weight and is made up of advanced CAD technology.
  2. The interior of the helmet is very much moisture-wicking and a sun-shield is also provided with this modular helmet.
  3. This helmet gives 95% protection to the rider from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This helmet is easily adjustable in three positions.

GMAX MD-01 Modular Helmet: The key features of this helmet are mentioned below:

    1. This modular helmet is very much light in weight and this is a helmet that is intercom compatible.
  1. This helmet has a plus feature of keeping you dry and comfortable because it helps in wicking away the moisture from your body. These are the three best modular helmets for riders.