Proof eye mascara

There is no question that a woman’s carefully made-up eyelashes can call a lot of attention. A smudged makeup and eyelashes can certainly call unwanted attention. Hence women are always looking for ways to prevent their eye makeup from smudging. The following are some tips to ensure that your eyelashes are not moving. The following is a simple guide to applying a recommended smudge proof eye mascara:

Make sure that you curl your lashes

It will be easy for you to apply mascara when you give your lashes a little lifting using an eyelash curler.

Protect the lower eyelid

When applying mascara make sure that the lower eyelids don’t get smudged. Use your fingers or place a tissue to protect the lower lids.

Make sure it’s fresh

It’s crucial for you to make sure that the mascara is fresh and in good condition. One proof is for the bristles to look like a fine Christmas tree. When the bristles are dry and clumped, it is important for you to replace the mascara.

Apply it right

One technique to use when applying mascara is called the “wiggle and shimmy” technique. This will ensure that mascara is applied to the whole lash area. Apply 2 to 3 coats for daily makeup. Make sure that your mascara is on the top row of lashes.

Proof eye mascara

It’s necessary to fine-tune

Use a lash comb to fine-tune the lashes and to ensure that there are no clumps remaining on them. Remember to use pressed powder. This can help your mascara and your overall eye makeup stay longer.

There are many advantages to wearing a waterproof or a smudge-proof mascara and it all boils down to the comfort and convenience of applying it only once for the whole day. Some people complain about the difficulty of removing it. It only takes the right makeup remover and some water, and this will solve the problem. The advantages brought about by its use outweigh the difficulty of removing it even without the use of makeup remover.

There is no need for anyone to wear it when the climate is wetter. Rainwater is another natural condition that can smudge your eye makeup, especially the mascara. Bad weather also enables wetness to accumulate in the air which can make the mascara smudge. This is no longer your problem when you use a smudge proof mascara.

There are different features you have to find in a waterproof mascara. Look for one that lengthens and separates the lashes. This is the type that is least likely to smudge and clump, giving your lashes an awful look.

It may also be important for you to look for a waterproof mascara with a formula for those with sensitive eyes. You don’t want to suffer from blood-shut, puffy eyes due to allergy. You may play around the different colors of waterproof mascara. Brown and blue are the most common, but you can check online for other shades that may be interesting for you. When you buy a smudge proof mascara for sensitive eyes, this means you also have to buy a makeup remover with a mild concentration.


No matter how choosy you are with a mascara, if you don’t know what is best for you, it won’t work. The trick here is to research what is suitable for you.