Social media plays an important role is today’s world. It plays a vital role in influencing and educating people. Also, social media is often used by people to express their views and opinions on something. As a result, people often use it as a tool to express their love or hate for anything that they encounter. Social media hence can be used to monitor the response of people towards a product, personality or organization. Many private consultancies firms use social media in tracking the ‘popularity’ of the product. There are various tools available, which helps them find whether a particular brand is generating positive engagement or negative.

FMCG manufacturer companies are the most that can benefit from media monitoring. Since FMCG goods are mainly those goods that have a high supply high demand relationship, FMCG companies must pay attention to what they manufacture. Also, since FMCG products face high competition in the market, they must always try to keep ahead of their competitors. Media Monitoring in FMCG allows companies to carefully analyse the feedback of their customers and using that feedback to essentially better their current range of products.

Since people love talking about almost everything on social media, your company can make use of this by trying to talk to them. Many successful companies use this tactic to engage with their customers. This gives them the time and platform to get trusted and 100% genuine information about their products directly from the consumers. For any big company to have a social media account is a must.

Here are certain benefits that a company gets from having an active social media account:

1. Online presence- Having a social media account helps the company maintain an online presence.

2. Attracting new customers- the Internet offers one of the easiest and cheapest ways of advertisement. Just by maintaining an online presence, your company can easily gain new customers.

3. Engage with customers- The social media accounts of various companies often keep posting quirky and funny content. This not only keeps their customers engaged with them online but also repetitive use of the brand in front of the users may have a positive effect. So if your customers saw the photos of the product that they daily use, it helps them get a feeling of trust.

4. Advertise- Advertise on social media to gain new customers. Online advertisement is highly targeted and yields good results when used correctly. Using social media as a platform for advertisement will not only help market your product but also allows the social media platform to get active followers.

Operational Research Management in the FMCG sector is extremely important. Not only does it help such big companies realize their risks, but also encourages industry leaders to keep a disaster plan ready, if disaster strikes. ORM in FMCG allows companies to function efficiently, even when a problem has struck. Since ORM focuses on the short-term risks a company faces, FMCG companies require ORM, as any disaster is very quick to strike, during which time the FMCG company may already lose its market share to its competitors.