Spending a weekend at a romantic hotel may come for different purposes, it could be a moment of celebration for your honeymoon or just simply looking to get away from the kids for married couples. Either way, taking a romantic getaway can greatly strengthen your connection with your partner. When you’re ready to go into a romantic adventure, it’s time to check your baggage and make sure you have brought along the essential things to make your vacation worthwhile.

Romantic Items

Nothing is more romantic than having an intimate ambiance in the room. You can pack candles that you can light and place around the bathroom and bed. Consider light scents like cinnamon, lavender, jasmine, and vanilla. You can also take a compilation CD with you having romantic songs, start with “Wonderful tonight” or “I’d Die For you”, or you can just handpick songs that have special meaning to both of you as a couple. If you are staying in a hotel with a spacious bathtub, like in Sunway Resort and Spa, you can spice things up by bringing along body scrubbers and bubble bath soap. Soak with your partner and enjoy a warm romantic bath together. To know more about Sunway Resort and Spa, you can online book premiere suite here.


While having a sexy lingerie and silk boxer shorts add more flavor in your romantic getaway, it is also important to pack clothes that are appropriate and comfortable when you spend time around hotel grounds and beyond. Wear something like a light dress and sandals for dinner and a wrap to wear along with the pool for women. As for the gentlemen, a casual but elegant blazer to pair with linen pants will do the trick. It is important to wear something that your partner is not used to seeing you wear at home, surprise your partner with a new outfit.

Travel Advice

It is important that romantic travelers should pick a hotel together. This will avoid the other partner’s preference of being forced onto the other, which can lead to disagreements. It might be best to plan your vacation in one place so that you have plenty of time to hang out and have intimate conversations instead of moving around hotels now and then.

Where to Go

Again, it is always best to plan your destinations together, something that you as a couple can enjoy. To name a few activities, you can indulge in a seaside massage at the spa, sip cocktails at the poolside bar or enjoy a romantic dinner at the best restaurants in the place. If you are an active couple you can also plan diving activities, mountain trekking or a sky jump to pump up your adrenaline.