Hemp (hashish and weed) is made from the female weed plant. There are two main types of Hemp plants: the Hemp Sativa and the Hemp Indica. Most plants are crosses. Of the active substances in hashish and weed, THC and CBD are the most important. The Hemp Sativa contains mainly THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). In addition to THC, the Indica also contains some more CBD (cannabidiol). With Love hemp you can have the best details.

Weed And Hash

With weed, the green-brown tops of the plant are taken. With hashish, only the resin is taken from the tops. This is done by sieving the tops. The resin then falls through the screen. This is compressed into hash blocks. The price of weed and hashish varies by type. Nederweed costs around 8 euros per gram. Foreign weed costs around 5 euros per gram and foreign hashish costs around 9 euros per gram.

History & The Law

The Hemp plant has been used for centuries as a drug, medicine, substance in ceremonies or as a raw material in textiles. In 1960, Hemp became popular in the Netherlands and the hippies, especially among the youth culture, were many blowers. The first coffee shop was opened in 1972. Hemp has been tolerated for this for a few years.

In the Netherlands, the sale of Hemp falls under the tolerance policy. Toleration means allowing something, while it is actually forbidden. For example, ownership of small user quantities and sales through coffee shops are tolerated. Trade and production is not tolerated. If you own 5 grams of Hemp or 5 plants for your own use (outdoor weed), no legal action follows. This is tolerated regardless of the size of the plants. There must be no business action. For example, no lamps or other professional items may be used. The police often seize the plants.

If you mix hash and weed with tobacco, you also smoke tobacco. In addition to tar, carbon monoxide, and THC, you also get nicotine.

Of all people who start smoking, 10% will use it for some time every day.

  • The THC content varies greatly
  • Nederwiet contains an average of 15.3% THC
  • Foreign weed contains an average of 4.8% THC
  • Foreign hashish contains on average 17.8% THC
  • Hashish made from Dutch weed contains an average of 31.6% THC

Most Dutch weed is stronger than the foreign one. In many coffee shops a lot of “white” weed is sold as strong. “White” and other types of weed, such as haze, can be equally heavy. Research shows that the more expensive weed is often stronger than the cheaper weed.Weed or hash can be smoked or eaten.

Joint / Stick / Blunt

Smoking in a joint is most common. The weed or hashish is crumbled and turned into a long rolling paper with some tobacco. A tip is turned in the joint to prevent you from getting tobacco or weed in your mouth and to prevent you from burning your mouth. A blunt is a joint that is rotated in a special brown (cigar) blunt wrap.