The Reasons Why You Need to Have a Breast Lift

Just like your age grew older, the breast of a woman also changes as the time and other factors affect your chest. Other women see that the skin around the breasts is sagging, the volumes may seem depleted over time, and the breast droop.

For the breast to make it beautiful and youthful again, breast lift procedure is the answer. It provides women an effective solution for their breast issues. Generally speaking, given what a breast lift procedure can do to make your breast’s shape get back on what is supposed to be, there are also other reasons why women choose breast lift procedure.

Breast Lift Procedure: What Is It? 

Mastopexy or also known as a breast lift is a surgery to restore the original state of the breast but in a more lifted position while enhancing its shape and firmness. The procedure starts with an anchor-shaped incision create around the nipple, down to the crease below the breast. This procedure removes any unwanted skin and nonsense tissue. The surgeon will relocate the nipple to a more suitable spot on the lifted breasts. Lastly, the unattractive breast is reshaped to become firmer, round, and in-shape before the incision are stitched.

breast lift

After the surgery, both breasts will be wrapped with gauze dressings and bandage or a surgical bra. This bra will give aid to keep the newly lifted breasts to be secured as the healing continues. After a couple of days, it will then be replaced with a softer surgical bra that can be worn for 24 hours daily throughout the first phase of post-surgery.

As the breast continues to heal, it will typically get bruised, uncomfortable, and swollen, but these ugly symptoms will gradually pass. Also, the numbness in the nipples and breast are expected as the breast swelling subsides. After the first phase following the surgery, the incision stitches will be removed, and you can now back to your daily activities and work with firmer and in-shaped rounded breasts.

Reasons Why Many Women Choose Breast Lift

There’s no specific age where a woman should seek this aesthetic procedure. Instead, each woman’s body is different from each other and may vary depending on the current state of their body. There are changes in a woman’s life that affect the firmness of the breasts, such as:

  • Aging: It affects the elasticity of the skin around your breasts that makes them prone to gravity. Then, the breasts will weigh down the skin pulling out the volume downward, leaving an empty, wrinkly, and unattractive skin above.
  • Pregnancy and Nursing: This is another factor that affects the breast, as your journey to mother can wreck your body, it also gives a downside effect to the breast. During the pregnancy, many women gain weight, especially in the breast due to human milk production. After the baby is born, the women will practice lactation and nursing, which makes the breast to stretch and shrink many times.
  • Weight Loss: Many women noticed that the first place to lose weight when their diet is the breast. When a woman experiences a significant weight loss, the changes in the breasts are worst. It makes the breasts saggy, limp, and leaving without a shape.

For you to be an official candidate for breast lift procedure, your breasts should have a small-to-medium sized and be in an excellent physical condition.